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The Debrief: California wildfires, Trump impeachment showdown, Bernie Sanders health update

#CaliforniaWildfires #TrumpImpeachment #BernieSandersHealth

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  1. Their starting these fires 🔥 🔥 in calif to distract us from what their really doing, trying to impeach our President. Their SOOOOOOOOO EVIL!! We need to “RISE UP PATRIOTS!!

  2. California should be Utopia? High taxes Diversity at any cost Gender confusion.. Lots of fruits and nuts… What about that 6th largest economy they talk about? Oh yeah all that money leaves California untaxed

  3. ((((((((((((TRUMP 2Q2Q))))))))))))

  4. And if not bad enough its sinking wow all that water can't put it out

  5. Why they burn off and they can't believe they can't put it out

  6. Don’t scroll down. Americans are being mean to eachother again. I wish we could stop. 😥

  7. Kurds, kill all ISIS prisoners, move on from US treachery as long as CHICKEN Hawks are in charge of US. Generals, salute and execute, or resign. PLEASE RESIGN.

  8. More BS!!! this newscast just interviewed people in Sausalito & showed about 5 counties, that are scheduled for power shut downs to prevent or minimize forest fires. All in NORTHERN Cali while showing Santa Anna wind patterns and warning that they will cause major fire problems at night…in SOUTHERN Cali.
    The least you can do is get the lies straight! These are NOT wildfires. The Camp & Paradise fires were started by DEWs (directed energy weapons) used by military contractors. They can use the smart meters to light to lock on and microwave a house to dust without even melting the plastic trash cans or incinerating the trees around the house. It can burn a car down to a metal hulk melt glass and turn a house & It's contents to ash but again… leave the plastic garbage cans intact. Like a microwave, it cooked trees from the inside out. Just Google trees burning from inside and aerial footage of neighborhoods where houses burned. Look at how the tree outline the houses. PG&E, the corporations & banksters know it. That's why they did not allow residenst home owners back in the salvage what was left. They were stopped by armed military. They said they were there to prevent looting?! This was not a rioting south central LA. It was a fire. What was there to loot? No shops, liquor stores, etc. These fires just happen to be burning along the controversial proposed outes of the bullet train. In bankruptcy PG&E will get the rate hikes that they want and additional money to cover their shutdown losses from their nuclear power plant in San Lois Obispo…which was stupidly built in close proximity to the San Andreas fault line Dr aides ago. FOLLOW THE MONEY…
    power company mergers? Fire destruction & fear can drop property values faster, less messy and cheaper than going through emminant domain price fights. Who are the players? Who stands to profit?

  9. I laugh when the power goes out. It proves how stupid those in control are… all the technology in the world is useless without power lol I also laugh at lefties because they get to see what a real green world looks like.. Horse drawn ambulances and fire trucks lol I can just hear them Wahhhhh no smart phone wahhhh no internet wahhhhh no Tv No video games wahhh where is Yang wahhh where is my free money wahhhhhhh

  10. The city point on that map of Germany is wrong / Halle an der saale is here Halle (Saale) it's near Leipzig and not like the red point near Hanover.

  11. Aww, comeon California, you got people sleeping on your sidewalks, but you can not figure out how to trim the trees and replace the old wiring? Put your unemployed to work getting your infra structure back in shape is too kind a solution for you or what?

  12. I'm leaving this video, the people being interviewed are of an IQ of 60 and below

  13. OMG just call the electric people

  14. Duhhhhh. Dimwitted employees. They do have their cell numbers

  15. So why didn't they call the patients

  16. Traitor and Chief starting to make a lot of sense!!!

  17. Trump is only pulling the troops out of Syria simply because he needs some shock to his current situation, where he can change some of the impeachment talk about him to something else… It seems to be working

  18. Culver City Discriminatory hiring practices,

  19. I'm moving to Cali to sell and install generators.

  20. What does this say about America? we abandon our allies because Donald Trump gets a stick up his butt? He talks to Turkey and now all of the sudden we're abandoning the Kurds? After all the'yve done for us, fighting Isis! What are the Turks offering him? Did they have blackmail on him or did they give him lots of money? Maybe they just told him he had a very B-b-big brain and he's a very stable genius and by the way, he's very handsome. Complement him and he'll do anything for you because he's so narcissistic.

    That is so obvious. I wonder is Trump stupid or smart? Did he do this on purpose to move everybody's attention away from the impeachment inquiry?

  21. Stick the electricity underground

  22. The only thing missing from Matt Lauer statement ; was a Yelp review !

  23. Trump ♠️ the Great isn't getting impeached🍑. Liberals will just have to wait

  24. Note to Bernie Sanders : IT'S OVER !

  25. The Dems always say no war bring our guys home, Now no because our President did it!!!!stupid

  26. "Crazy" and "frightening" — are we sure the whistle-blower was talking about the phone call and not the Toddler in Chief himself? 🤷‍♀️

  27. And trumps imaginary friend named zippy!!

  28. Flawed and unfair process. C ya in court.

  29. One man's decision is going to bring exterminations on a massive scale.

  30. I mean. What have the dems done since trump been in office?? Not shit never do shit wasting precious time with this witch hunt shit. Man get some work done hell

  31. 0:42 I thought I was watching a clip from the ONN

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