Monday , November 23 2020
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The Debrief: Mulvaney comments, Tropical Storm Nestor, all-female spacewalk | ABC News

#AllWomanSpacewalk, #madeitright, #Mulvaney
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  1. I hope kentuckians burn in hell for their attack on the Kurds. What did the Kurds ever do to Kentucky? Poor Kurds. You Kentucky turds leave them Kurds alone lol. ABC beats out CNN for fake news award

  2. military aid was already given!

  3. We're just going to lie to you all the time. Get over it America. Policy and politics are one in the same.
    Trump you need to be impeached immediately, you crook.

  4. this kimberly is awesome ! man get more news casters like her

  5. Let's have a year-long study to make Known what we already know. Money makes airline seats too small.

  6. The cat is out. Catch the cat. Put the cat back in the bag. Just a slip of the tongue. Get over it. I really don't care, do you?

  7. I believe anything the Kurds have to say over everything that Turkish government or even the United States government is claiming. He United States government is very much like Fox News in this the biggest purveyors of Miss information around.

  8. Just think, you are living in the greatest time in human history…you get to witness the destruction of the gop, via the agency of Russia, through trump…we need to watch what the retarded oompa-loompa in the white house DOES, and ask," does this help Putin?

  9. Im eating popcorn and enjoying the LEFTIST MAD MAD WORLD lol Watching all these LEFTIST/DemWit FAKE NEWS CHANNELS… We got the President now lol yeah we got him now back n forth lmao Watching them attack with a bunch of nonsense and hysterical BULLSHIT !!! It's a helluva show rotflmfao !!! ๐Ÿ’œ Tide is about to change on the leftist… BIG RED TSUNAMII !!

  10. Tax office: you still owe 10k
    Me: Get over it and stop calling me

  11. Paula just made the black girl look stupid dancing she's still got it

  12. the Space walk is noted as Pussy in the sky with diamonds.

  13. How many times does trump have ro admit wrong doing before something happens??? I'm sick of it. Anyway, how fantastic was the outfit she wore with Paula๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒGood dance moves girl…

  14. Well Mr. Mulvaney it's hard to stop a bullet, once the trigger has been pulled.

  15. It's too bad they didn't investigate Obama more when he was in office. We also say that Hillary needs to be jailed for all her terrible actions, stealing, hiding, crooked things she did, and were proven.

  16. The answer to all of this going on in this country government make government workers take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports God is not mocked God will open up the door s of darkness in justice and in government workers seek God's face for the wrong s done to the people by lieing government workers.

  17. We the people want all governments workers to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports we have the prove that cops and government workers lie about and cover up reports s of darkness in justice its big money for government workers we want all reports open up on people they put people in jail and in prison because of cops lie about and cover up reports s of darkness in justice this organized crime in the justice people people are in prison because of cops lie about the people that did nothing wrong we the people want these cops to be made to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports. Truck driver have to show reports of there job s

  18. I hope this storm make these people that don't want homeless and poor people in there towns and state to make these evil people homeless that want to remove homeless people God the poor and homeless and lost souls asking for you to bring justice against government workers that is evil people that lie to get paid for putting people in jail and in prison because they have the power to abuse the people do as you said in your word you will destroy hi power people that hurt and kill and steal for what they want in Jesus name amen i pled the blood of Jesus over my life and body and soul in Jesus name amen

  19. What about Mark Zuckerberg's, Russian, Financial, contributor's, to his Facebook Company. Make you scratch your head. ๐Ÿค” Contributions made when Facebook, was in its infancy.

  20. You peaple are so dumb you should. All watch yourself are you blind back and forth tierd of u stuped peaple. There will be no impeachment if GOD has his way and he will

  21. The walls are closing in on the current administration….Full Stop ๐Ÿ›‘

  22. " Get over it" I agree the press sometimes act like they need to be treated like delicate children I can understand now why people hide things from the press so they don't cause a panic the press like to twist things so if they pretend like they're going to be shocked when they hear something when they know it's already going on I mean yeah I get over it.

  23. All-female ๐Ÿ‘‰ only two ladies and you call it all – female ๐Ÿ˜‚
    is only 2 for god sake!!

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