The Dems are hell bent on transferring money from taxpayers: Kristin Tate

‘The Liberal Invasion of Red State America’ author Kristin Tate and American Action Forum president Douglas Holtz-Eakin discuss Biden’s extension of student loan payment pause until June on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. The Dems took money from crytoswindler . Now pay back .Shame on this money'S effect on the midterm election, just as they got free money by hundrede of millions by Zuckerberg in 2020. This so unfair it stinks of treason against the populations real wishes

  2. Can the politicians in DC be any more disrespectful of the taxpaying citizens they are supposed to be representing? The mid-terms are over so Biden is not going to keep pretending like he can cancel loans from taxpayers.

  3. Our taxes pay for everything we don’t want to pay for. Now what’s the difference? Nothing at all, I’d rather help my American people vs other countries, and more so I’d rather help middle and lower class people instead of my tax dollars going to billionaires and Billy Bob down the road 💁🏽‍♂️

  4. The left have always been thieves. Whether it was property, moneys or lives they be always been thieves

  5. Biden is using tax payer dollars to pay for student loans only continue to get future votes for the Dems. And the fools who vote Dems will eventually pay dearly and not escape the financial destruction caused by bad policies.

  6. Democrats have been promising money and welfare to their voters for 80 years ! Once the voters figured out they can vote themselves free stuff the USA is doomed !

  7. The government as a whole, both democratic and Republican, have been stealing wealth in excess of 30 trillion dollars from the people in 40 years. It's ALL politicians. This isn't new just because the MSM is telling you sheep that it is.

  8. Hell bound, I agree with that. Come on, people, cine to Jesus, don't take that dark path, to Hell's doors.

  9. Maybe the government is getting money to pay college football athletes a salary, that means all spectrum of sports in colleges will have to pay athletes

  10. My daughter did not work while going to the university that she graduated from!

  11. $1600 per illegally purchased vote is what it breaks down to. Aren't there laws about buying votes?

  12. They already look bad- all of them!

  13. Students says with the money for college tuition will go.on luxury vacations. Buy expensive tech. etc

  14. Republicans have always been on the side of the Rich and Corporate America cause it puts money 🤑 in there pockets and out of the Middle Class 🤔

  15. Did the democrats think about the f u clause. Which is who the hell wants to pay taxes next year. Seriously. We're done.

  16. How to buy a vote with taxpayer money 💰….

  17. If people want a free education we ought to activate the draft. Have them serve our Country in the military to help pay for their education. The military would provide them with a great education teach them live skills and discipline, respect for themselves and others. It would reduce Homelessness and crimes……

  18. I want to know how the government can keep taking MY money without MY permission! And they keep saying that 'the government ' is forgiving loans, and giving more money for housing, food, ect. when in fact THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE ANY MONEY!!! They TAKE ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY CHOOSE FROM WE THE TAXPAYING PEOPLE!!! And so many people don't realize this because THEY ARE THE ONES THAT NEVER WORKED OR PAID TAXES AND GET EVERY DAGGON THING FOR FREE!! STOP STEALING MY HARD EARNED MONEY JOE!!!!!

  19. places like FOX should stop hiring people based on college education then……… this problem ain't gonna fix itself.

  20. By the way, where did that walking cadaver in the White Home get his authority to meddle in the economic (macro- & micro-) structure of our country? Without a single unit of academic credit in Economics or Business in his resume, & without ever having worked an honest day in the private sector, how does Congress allow him to get away with his destructive, & quite frankly, stupid policies that weigh heavy on every hardworking, taxpaying citizen. How does he get away with breaking the law with impunity & with his characteristic arrogance. Wake up, GOP, & do your job.

  21. The universities should be made to give refunds to students.

  22. How do you like that?! Fatcat graduate students reap the biggest "payoff" from this "loan forgiveness" while US taxpayers, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have to pick up the tab! Disgusting!

  23. Wow she’s gorgeous 🥵😍

  24. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂