Thursday , September 16 2021
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The Evolving Message Around Mask Mandates In The U.S.

A look at the evolving message around mask mandates in the United States as the CDC issues another guideline update following the spread of Covid-19’s Delta variant.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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The Evolving Message Around Mask Mandates In The U.S.


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  1. No Vaccine! Let'm Die! No Ventilators for those who refuse to mask or vaccinate. Tired of all of them. Let Darwinism do it's job.

  2. I would like to see a mandate that requires actual scientific data to back up the mandates.

  3. Mandate the max for all Americans and be done with it already. ✌🏼

  4. The PCR test is rigged. Media is lying. Nazi style propaganda.

  5. This video is crazy bc it shows you, the news, knew how crazy your info was, you had full comprehension.. and now you're telling the story of it. You did all of this.. you forgot about T bringing up covid first and banning travel to Chin.a. You forgot about all the footage of tv people faking the masks. So this is disturbing

  6. How often did you smile?
    Did you smile at friends and family?
    Did you smile at colleagues?
    Did you smile at fellow commuters?
    Did you smile at comedic behaviour?
    Did you smile at babies?
    Did you smile at the elderly?
    Did you smile to reassure others?
    Did you smile to be courteous?

  7. How do you know if someone had the "vaccine" ?

    Ask them who won the election.

    Those who lied and said they had it are pushing the mandates most, so they can steal your business and property and assets and taxpayer coffers, to help their Marxist agenda they say they don't have. Why you think they wouldn't help support Cuba after cries of Libertad! Libertad! ??? What, and have a new puppet there be figured out as a Marxist before Biden was told by his Deep State Satanist Puppeteers told him to announce it to the world?

    ALWAYS with controlled opposition. Who was it that says"they're smart alright, smart at lying". ???

    Double Talk, Double Standards, Double Dealing and Deep State Satanist University Degrees…

    How many boomerangs are they willing to catch? 😂. Perpetual liars

    Masses of Deep State Satanist Puppeteered yell about concerns in voting machines but they don't want national voter ID cards? Sting goes on to election machines

    Mike Lindell is offering big dollars for anyone who can prove his evidence is not factual. Deep State Satanists are SO arrogant they WILL try to prove they are not habitual liars and thieves at the symposium where this offer will see it's test😆

    Lindell said his symposium will be bigger than Elvis Presley Hawaii concert in 1973. 😂

  8. All we are asking for is just two weeks to break the curve." Fauci, March 2020

  9. Knock knock who’s there face mask mandate face mask mandate who take your face mask off

  10. The most logical time to end masking is when just about everybody has had the opportunity to get vaccinated. We are at that point now. What other milestone are we waiting for? Should we keep masking until everyone is vaccinated. That will never happen. 80% of eligible people who have not gotten a covid shot have no intention on ever getting one. Should we keep the masks on until covid disappears? There is a chance that the disease could become endemic and will never completely go away. We can't keep people wearing masks forever.

  11. I know where you can put your
    Are Americans still believing this crap ? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️


    New Zealand finished the race with 26 Covid deaths 11 months ago.

    China has also finished the race with 4,636 Covid deaths.

    America is still struggling with 628,432 Covid deaths and 300 more each day. Tomorrow New Zealand would have waited 1 year.

  13. Removing vaccine misinformation from Facebook is only the start.

    Removing vaccine misinformation from Fox TV is the next step. Fox need to be held accountable.

    US Covid deaths 628,432 New Zealand 26. US has 24,170 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

    In 1 day it will be a year since New Zealand's last Covid death. Watching International media is like stepping back in time.

  14. wearing mask is the new normal in this era

  15. Price to pay for not pro-actively managing the human population. To reach the 1st billion, it took from the beginning of humanity till 1900.  Since 1900, we have added another 6 billion and counting. Considering a finite amount of resources (including air and water) and land, what makes one think there will be no adverse impact of continued population growth?

  16. Why are Democrats and the mainstream media ignoring the masses?

  17. Covidddddd daysssss, nobody lovesssss themmmm, We Never Got Out The First Wave”! (To be sang in the the style of New Editions, Can You Stand The Rain!

  18. MASKLESS Nancy squeezed through a crowd, and into a packed unmasked filled limousine. All while she carries her mask in her hand. AFTER the mandate. @

  19. I’m from Canada and what I hear from Republicans is appalling what ever happened two courtesy and looking after your neighbor?
    We in Canada wear our masks even when we are double vaccinated it is out of respect and courtesy for others why would we want to infect other people just in case the masks will come off when 97% of the country is vaccinated…. By the way my civil rights are not taking advantage of. I wear a seatbelt because it saves lives I wear a helmet if I am driving a motorcycle because it saves my life and I get double vaccinated to save my life and others…One thing I’ve learned from listening to the news of Donald Trump never trust a politician they don’t know what they’re talking about you have to ask yourself what is their angle? It certainly isn’t your welfare. It’s loyalty to Donald Trump beyond anything else who by the way is a raging malignant narcissist and sociopath

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