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The heroes that showed bravery during the London terror attack

Civilians are shown confronting and subduing the suspect before police arrived on the scene.


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  1. In general, if there is any attack in Poland, many people react. There is no terrorism. Honor orders us to fight the enemy. Other countries hate us because we are one and we cannot be broken.

  2. The UK is done there are so many terrorist there if they all attack this country will fall.

  3. All he had was a knife? Wow.

  4. "… slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, …"
    Qur’an 9.5

  5. Love and great respect to the British heroes. Fire extinguisher and whale tusk, put we gunslinging Americans to shame.

  6. this polish guy with narwal tusk is amazing !

  7. Politicians secretly colluding with foreign nations are committing Treason

    While I’m glad Priti Patel lost her job, paradoxically I can’t help but feel the crux of the problem is the distinct likelihood…. THIS IS ALL THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!   When high ranking officials secretly collude with a foreign nation, aren’t they looked upon as spies? In my eyes this woman is guilty of Treason, plain & simple.

  8. I respect these citizens who took down the terrorist they showed amazing bravery. These citizens should be congratulated. Thank you to those citizens for taking down this terrorist. R.I.P to the people that lost there lives

  9. someone was stabbed with a walrus penis I think it was aqua mans fish spear ?:)-

  10. He was on a day off from prison 😂


  12. كم انتم جبناء😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Terrorist is Pakistani and stop visa for all Pakistani for sake of your future.

  14. This is the real moment the terrorist attacker was shot dead (VIEWER DISCRETION)

  15. Fake news always protects the terrorists. If you don't know yet that this is the deep state globalist plan you're incredibly uninformed.

  16. British police is a freaking joke

  17. There both from the same prison the “Hero” was off for a day out of prison and there both from the same prison so the “hero” is trying to get years off his prison time obviously (if you believe this shit your dumb you can use your common sense)

  18. So happy they shot that scum dead well done

  19. dont ever show sympathy for terrorists i dont give a fuck that theyre a human being they should be killed fuck em #fuckISIS

  20. Severer Human Rights Violation

  21. Fuck ISLAM fuck Mohammed and FUCK ALLAH

  22. Gotta use wht u can find to protect urself and others. Its illegal to even own a taser in England. For fuck sakes people, fight to get yourselves some kind of personal protection. If just one person had atleast a taser maybe one of the people gone could b here.
    I wish a mfer would cm wit a 🔪. My lil girl 40cal put a bullet in that arse. Im looking at my lil girl as i type..

    Just wondering wht is the usual response time when calling 999? It must b remarkably since ur government expect u to only use this when ur in the mist of a violation on urself or ur loved ones…

  23. Just look at his fuckin face… Coming from the fuckin desert

  24. The killers repeatedly tell us why they are murdering ' infidels', yet this is rarely addressed. As long as nutjobs believe they are carrying out the literal orders of a supernatural diety then there is sadly little hope for the foreseeable future.

  25. I, m proud, one of them was a Pole.

  26. You crazy guys? Islam is killing Europe.

  27. Thomas grey look how he is reading to the left his script all actors

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