Monday , August 2 2021
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The impact of Trump backing off on tariffs

Moody’s Capital Markets Chief Economist John Lonski, Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli and Democratic Strategist Max Burns on the state of the economy and the impact of trade tensions with China and Federal Reserve policy.

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  1. Magaheads. Swallowed when they should have spit the Koolaid back in Trumps incompetent orange face.

  2. I think anyone who took economy 101 knows hands down Trump is lying about who pays the tariff. why people flee from the stock market, just because Trump is a uncertain character .

  3. Canada is following the news the same fake news manufacturered by the sickest group of people in America like The Hollywood crowds who live in the clouds n the corporate elite who have no regards to whatever happens to ordinary Jo jobs or jobless

  4. I’m a Trump supporter but My Dad owns a steel factory in America and the tariffs hurt his business. Tariffs don’t help American manufacturing tariffs hurt American manufacturing.

  5. Lying, cheating n stealing? It's so easy to blurt out from the lady's mouth. Forget about proving your accusation.

  6. Fox, owned by globalist, towing the globalist line.

  7. No….leave China at once……there are many other countries in lines that are not any worst than China… matter of fact,….could be behaviors better than the Chinese……

  8. Is Trump a president or baby who cannot thing through?

  9. Bwahaha !!! Look @ these clowns !!! Hey you can all going crazy but POTUS knows the Best For America people so pls SCRAMMM from all these TV scenes !!! TDS sick people and Scarecrow Mongers … lol

  10. Lol, these clowns sound pathetic today.

  11. Trump just got kicked in the nuts!

  12. He knows market a day before. They must be screaming at him. Leverage for assault weapons ban????

  13. It’s hilarious that the Lying, Cheating President is calling out the Lying Cheating Chinese. Farmers are on the government dole. Trump is the Dope of the Century. Trade wars are easy to win…. Hahahahaha

  14. This skinny beta male with the eyeglasses is nauseating.

  15. Lol and a day later it looks like we're heading into a recession and all he can do is blame the fed.

  16. trump has such a visceral reaction to anything linked to Obama that he recklessly pulled out of the TPP isolating the US and giving China an open field to play in the Asian markets. Instead the US consumer and businesses are being taxed in a failed effort to get China to agree to a fraction of the demands TPP would have obliged them to abide by anyway. A stable genius? … give us a break.

  17. If China is paying the tariffs, why is trump concerned about it … he is not making sense as usual.

  18. The clown said, we are taking in billions and billions in from on these tariffs. Now he wants to delay them, so they won't hurt the America economy………wtf!!!

  19. Fox can't handle public opinion on Trumps pal Epstein….thats the only reason they block comments

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