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THE INSTAGRAM GUIDE TO PARIS! | How I Edit & Where I Take my Photos! | Fashion Mumblr

The Instagram Guide to Paris! The most photogenic spots as well as how I edit my photos!
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Our Paris Perfect Apartment :


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Charlie :
Carl :
Ellie :
Jess :


❤ What I Wore ❤

:: Outfit One ::

Jumper :
Coat :
Boots :
Jeans :
Bag :
Watch :
Ring :

:: Outfit Two ::

Jumper :
Skirt :
Bag :

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  1. You are so beautiful and your videos beautiful too. You are great!!!! I want to go to Paris after your video…..:)

  2. Lovely video, just wish I could see a bit more details of the inside of the apartment you stayed in..

  3. Josie can u share with us where to get flowers in Paris?

  4. Paris just makes everything better…

  5. I absolutely loved this video, thanks for sharing your tricks!!!! I did not try out facetune before, but it is super handy! Thanks a lot! I feel you are so authentic, I like you more every video I watch of you! Absolutely adored the handbag from your first outfit, but unfortunately I am very late and it is sold out 🙁 so bad.

  6. I'm going to Paris in a week. Hope I can make good pictures and vlog out of it! Taking notes with me <3

  7. Don't ask me how I got here I'm binge-ing your videos also I'm obsessed with Paris haha 😀
    Also, you use VSCO too??? My personal favorite filter is HB2

  8. I love this video so much 💖

  9. Wo bin ich hier gelandet.

  10. Aww i wish i had seen this before, i just came from my trip in France, but now i know how i can edit my photos 😘 thank you you are incredible, ♥♥♥

  11. Great edits, Josie! I'm going to Paris soon and I'm totally excited to use your tips 🙂 Lots of love from Toronto xx

  12. This doesn't look like any fun at all 😕 you're missing out on doing stuff and going places, to make it look like you're doing stuff and going places. I got engaged in place de la conchorde and went to Angelina after. X

  13. It looks like u forgot to do your left brow. Ahhh Paris!

  14. please when you try to film a tour flip the camera and give us a proper tour not stay in the shot and show us what's behind you we can't see anything

  15. Need to work on posing more naturally

  16. Your videos are so original and i really enjoy them, what camera do you use for vlogging and would u recommend it for photography? Much love from Munich, Germany.

  17. Thank you for that video, being a French girl in the US for a few months now, I've missed my city. Your footage is amazing!

  18. Beautiful Video! I've always wanted to know which Song this is beginning 4:25 min!😊

  19. Love this! Making me really want to go to Paris! haha xoxo Mim

  20. Hello!! I love this video of yours it was so in depth. I'm going to paris in a couple of months, too. I hope you could list the places you visited it would be really helpful. Also, what little street is that? the one with the eiffel tower at the back. Thanks love!

  21. What's the tune at 4:30? I love it so much!

  22. OMG I thought you are "freddy my love " we're the same person LOOL

  23. I love that some of your videos are quite different like this was one or some of the behind the scenes vlogs … you have this great mix of "normal" vlogs which are nice and then you spice it up with these type of vlogs
    Did Charlie and Karl completely coordinate their outfits down to pants and jackets 🙂

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