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The Last Days of Phil Hartman l PART 3

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Phil Hartman meets the woman who will be his third wife

After his second marriage dissolved, Hartman met aspiring actress Brynn Omdahl. His “SNL” co-star said, “Phil was getting what he wanted…[and] Brynn was getting what she wanted: a successful guy.”

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  1. "She looked like Grace Kelly." Um…no

  2. Phil said he doesn’t do a French dialect but he seems to have later learnt to on the Howard Stern Show.

  3. The C_nt Who Took Out The King.

  4. Who wants to be with a druggy nut case. She was trash.

  5. ℂ𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟
    There are six parts to this program .. and the uploader only posts 5/6 meaning the murder & most important parts aren’t posted. Don’t waste your time!!

  6. Phil was emotionally distant…not good in any relationship. It is just lonely for the partner. I think he took advantage of women.

  7. It sounds like virtually no one here thinks him and Brynn was a relationship based on love.

  8. Instead of living the life as a housewife and mother, with a faithful and loyal husband (we're talking HOLLYWOOD here, how rare), beautiful homes, financial stability and not so shabby looks after birthing two babies… WTF was Coke Bump Brynn thinking that tragic night??? Our apologies to HRH Prince Albert and the entire Royal Family of Monaco… Brynn Hartman looked NOTHING like the late Princess Grace… please excuse the drunken geriatric who even suggested such nonsense!! Brynn was w washed up bit part aspiring actress, pill popper and relentless Coke head with very apparent homicidal tendencies…. what an insult to compare her to drunk driving ol' Grace, smh.

  9. Such a 2019 message: if you're a man and don't give your wife what she "wants" you've brought about your own murder. Yuck.

  10. Just another crazy manipulative bitch who murdered a good man with their kids in the house can u imagine hearing the gunshots going to mom and dad's room and seeing them both dead? Crazy bitch is the only words I can think of I hope she rots in hell

  11. Sweeny looks very good for her age dye your hair red and people will think your 40.

  12. I bet Phill was fucking with coke

  13. Julia Sweeny dye your hair yo your just Pat.

  14. Man he treated women like shit. WOW,,,karma

  15. She dated The Meathead…in Archie Bunker's voice🤣

  16. brynn looked like baked ass.

  17. If he knew she had a drug habit he should have never married her…… Some people do get clean…. most people relapse a lot. The bottom line is I'm not taking on that headache….. Why take a chance on being miserable… and you surely shouldn't bring kids into and iffy situation like that

  18. A worthless, half-assed, superficial Biography Channel-style rehash of everything we've already heard about this story.

  19. I remember this and it really bothered me when I saw the news that day he was a great actor his wife was such a evil controlling person towards Phil he seemed to be a good person. To kill someone in there sleep that takes a Demon he didnt even get to understand what was going on. Just opened his eyes in another place poor Man should have left her way before because she was out of Control sadly it cost him his life.

  20. I watched the whole documentary. What I didn’t like was the fact that they did so much victim blaming in regards to Phil Hartman that I actually at some parts found myself ALMOST sympathizing with Brynn. Then I had to snap back to reality and remember she killed her husband in his sleep with her children in the house! What was up with everyone talking about her like she was such a saint and not a murderer, and then with Phil they would say he was aloof and distant. No ones perfect but I feel like they spent more time on his imperfections than hers. He was workaholic and probably a bit awkward and shy. Plus maybe he wanted to get away from crazy eyes that kept nagging him about movie roles every 5 seconds. R.I.P. Phil, one of the funniest comedians of all time.

  21. She killed him but he and she wasn't how this show portrayed…. no one is perfect.


  23. Thumbs down for no last section

  24. Well when you marry someone for shallow reasons, it’s not a surprise that the marriage would end badly (though not to the point of homicide I might add).

    I mean, Phil married Brynn because he wanted a trophy wife, and Brynn married Phil because she thought his star power would help her get one step closer to fame, which sadly it didn’t.

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