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The LEAST relaxing Sunday & Dexter's Christmas Jumpers!! | Fashion Mumblr Vlogmas Day 5

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Fur Headband :

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Coat :
Shoes :
Ear Muffs :
Culottes Trousers :
Sleeveless Top :

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  1. haha i love how the camera just goes everywhere when dexter arrives XD

  2. josie, what camera are you using in this video?

  3. No, gifting an unused product is not bad at all. Yes, find girlfriends and do a give away. Another fun thing is some Vloggers do a contest here and give away the gently used make up they do not need. So glad I subscribed to your channel, your a sweetie.

  4. You have the nicest accent when you speak to Dexter!! It's so sweet, he really is truly loved. x

  5. I'm getting serious motion sickness trying to watch this. Josie please stand still

  6. which shadow did you use? 😘

  7. Plzzzz can you tell me what shade you use of the G Armani foundation you use I'm really wanting to get it online and I'd say I'm round about same shade as you 💖😍😘💖😍

  8. Can I ask why you are filling your brows in when you've had them micro bladed? X

  9. Love this video! I love to see You get ready for the Day and Night too! Biiiiig love !!!

  10. Hii Josiee!! Just wondering which highlighter you use? Your dewy shiny skin is flawless ☺️

  11. where did you buy the two jumpers? the Christmas one and the one in the pic?

  12. This is my first vlogmas and I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pudding jumper 💚

  13. The red lipstick looks great on you!!! <3

  14. I love your videos so much it's so well thought out …. I rarely leave comments! You are so polite and elegant and your style I adore! The first part of your video, where did you get your Christmas sparkly navy sweater?

  15. The Christmas jumper in the beginning is to die for 😩😍 I am loving having vlogs from you every single day ☺️ Also just curious as to what time you get up and get ready to start your day? I never seem to be able to get myself up early and get ready so half the time I just don't. Any tips for that?

  16. What's the name of that Zoeva lip colour? It's 🔥

  17. Which pods are you using for your Nespresso? Noticed they look different to the standard ones 🙂

  18. omg you guys, I loved the end when you both put your masks on 🙂

  19. Josie you really are a wonderful youtuber!

  20. Hi. Where did you get those standing branches from? Which shopping centre and shop? Thx

  21. Absolutely love watching your videos…Loved both the jumper you wore in this video, but I m a bit confused about the "What I wore "under this one 😳… mentions padded jacket and leggings… xx

  22. Great video Josie, looking forward for those Xmas decorations 🙂
    I have a question: Why, in the last two days, whenever I go to on your blog post "12 days of Vlogmas giveaway", I CAN'T see Rafflecopter for the last two giveaways? Last one I see is one for Gin Advent Calendar and it, of course, expired…. Anybody else with that problem?

  23. Loved this vlog so much (I know I say that all the time lol, but I always mean it). So nice to see Dexter, I've missed him. I love all your decorations, that wreath is stunning! I totally relate to feeling like you've done a million things in a day but not made a dent in your "to do" list. That's my life right now lol. I have to start grading papers soon. How was the Starskin mask? I'm really curious if they're as good as regular mud masks and if they peel off as easily as regular sheet masks. It's nearly 1am here but I couldn't go to sleep without watching today's vlog, this was totally worth staying up late. 🙂 xx

  24. YAY Christmas tunes 🎄🎶…Thank you!! Oodles of love from L.A.😘 (P.S. Otis Redding is my FAVOURITE!!)

  25. busy day. please can you tell me where you got the twigs from? thanks. xoxo p's glad Dexter is back. x

  26. Reunion with dexter was so so adorable !! 💕💕💕

  27. a couple that mask's together stays together

  28. Great Vlogmas….your house looks lovely! Oh I get the Doggie loves so much, you make me smile. My hubby and I are going to do the couples face mask! xx

  29. So happy to see the darling sausage!!!

  30. What happen to all the advent calendars from the Advent Calendar Unboxing

  31. I'm feeling so festive after this video!! Can't wait to get our tree and put the decorations up this weekend!! xx

  32. Hi Josie! Love your vlogmas!!! 🙂 Just wanted to ask you if you still have to top up your eyebrows every day even if you had the microbladed done on them? I just had mine done a week ago and I'm so so happy I don't have to spend time on them anymore when getting ready :))

  33. I bought for my dachshund the navy and velvet coat 😍😍😍

  34. The hourglass palette is so pretty, inside and out 😍😍

  35. Which mascara did you use? 💕

  36. Josie – I think you are getting stressed out like the rest of us this season. I was looking for the what I wore portion in your writebup and I think it is yesterday's. Is is possible to share the link for you Christmas sweater? Love the red lip.

  37. Dexter looks so adorable in his christmas jumper! xo

  38. Omg that puppy is soooo loved 😍😍😍😍😍

  39. you are so sweet! I love love your videos and Dexter is super cute! I learnt so much looking at your skincare routine and I want to improve because you taught me how to really take care of myself! thank you from Italy

  40. Ohh Dexter is so cute! x

  41. So so good to see Dexter again 👍

  42. Yay Dexter's back 😛👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  43. I don't know why but I love your 'dexter' voice haha and what a cutie! I'm enjoying your vlogmas Josie! x

  44. Looooove your jumper; so festive and sparkly! 🎄🎁🎉

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