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The Most Dramatic Transformations Ever Seen On My 600-lb Life

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For years, viewers have watched TLC’s My 600-Pound Life, witnessing morbidly obese patients completely transform their bodies and lives. The patients all start out hundreds of pounds overweight, with the devastating health and emotional problems that come with that. But all of them have something in common — a desire to change. Dr. Nowzaradan – or “Dr. Now,” as his patients call him – is a bariatric surgeon who performs weight loss surgeries and coaches his patients along the road to a healthy weight. While most patients on the show lose weight, here are some of the most stunning success stories to be chronicled on My 600-Lb Life…

Amber Rachdi | 0:40
Brittani Fulfer | 1:20
Melissa D. Morris | 1:54
Christina Phillips | 2:40
Nikki Webster | 3:30
Paula Jones | 4:18

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  1. Which of these transformations do you think was the most amazing?

  2. i need to lose abt 25 lbs to be skinny and i don’t think i can do it 😭

  3. When I was 15 I used to weighed 198 pounds and now I'm 16 I weigh 172 pounds

  4. I wanna be 50 pounds, I'm 60 pounds for a 11 year old ;(

  5. I don’t know what to do. I’m 5’2 13 and only 103 lbs but I don’t look super skinny bc of my muscle

  6. It’s so sick that we have to cut out 85% of your stomach and re route it to bypass most of your intestines. Because of this your at risk for stomach, colon cancer, osteoporosis , addiction swaps, Dumping syndrome , medications not working correctly , daily supplements and then pray that you don’t gain most of it all of it back. I am 90 pounds overweight but hell I’ll lose it as it’s a freakin mind game, the Government allowing GMO and food that MAKES us fat. Inspiring video…However, you can do it all on your own. Surgery is a MAJOR life changing situation that will effect your body mostly adversely for the rest of your life. Please, you don’t need that “Tool” you need a nutritionist, a therapist, and motivation. Keep your healthy organs like God intended. It’s sickening how much $$$$$$ is spent on Bariatric surgery….and trust me they don’t tell you all the significant risk. Unless your going to die within a year or you are not ambulatory…..Please, don’t do the surgery

  7. Why do all these people have disproportionately large cheekbones. No offense

  8. I’m sure it’s easy to get a kick start with that surgery .

  9. Strong motivation is the key . Some morbidly obese people are in denial that's why they fail . Its a waste of time to try and help them

  10. I'd like to know what happens to all that excess skin.

  11. Man. I was bout to go get icecream while i watch youtube and this pops up. Its a sign. I weighed 265lbs last year, and now im 227lbs but i aint complaining. I still love my body.

  12. Lmao imagine a weight loss do get telling you to gain weight,, that’s commitment 😂

  13. The first girl is actually kinda cute??

  14. Why do all these people have husbands and I don’t 😭

  15. these people are amazing and an inspiration; it's still hard to believe that all that weight can disappear.

  16. Im impressed that a human body can be so big ! Well done.

  17. It’s crazy that people give themselves health issues and disabilities w/this weight gain. So happy for these people, huge accomplishment.

  18. Who doesn't love this? How can thousands dislike this?
    Anytime someone reclaims their life and true self it's golden!!!

  19. I enjoy wacthing fat people rant and get depressed, but when they change and fix their life like this it brings me more joy and i couldnt be more proud.
    Well done ex land whales, well done

  20. I will never understand why people disliked this video.

  21. That doctor sounds like a hero

  22. I weighed 300lb at 14 and now at 15 almost 16 I've gotten myself down to 229 I know I got a ways to go but I'll never stop trying! And if i can do it HELL you can do it too! 😊


  24. Come on. These people were perfectly healthy to begin with.

  25. We should not encourage OR ignore.
    We should help.

  26. Some of these people weight less than me now damn

  27. Ambers story was so sad at first because she was still beautiful. I’m glad she got her happy ending

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