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The National Hurricane Center looks at Hurricane Dorian's Florida rain bands | USA TODAY

National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham provides an update on Hurricane Dorian.


Hurricane Dorian blasted across the Bahamas in a record-setting way on Sunday, tying an 84-year-old record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to come ashore as it continued its unrelenting march toward the U.S. East Coast. The National Hurricane Center said the storm was driving sustained winds of 185 mph, with gusts exceeding 220 mph. Dorian’s slow crawl, estimated at about 5 mph on Sunday afternoon, placed it within 175 miles of West Palm Beach, Florida. Millions of people from South Florida to North Carolina were on alert and preparing for the worst. Even if Dorian does not make landfall in Florida, the effects will be felt beginning around Monday evening when Florida’s Melbourne and Palm Bay areas can expect tropical storm winds, said Ed Rappaport, deputy director at the National Hurricane Center.

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  1. When you evacuate please remember to take your firearms unless you want the National Guard to confiscate them

    ( H.A.A.R.P.)

  3. Was he speaking into a potato?

  4. I live in Virginia… I hope it doesnt come to much inland. I am really hoping every one in the Carolinas and Florida are okay! Stay safe!! 💝

  5. No hype or fear mongering… just facts… Most informative forecast I've seen yet…and living in Kitty Hawk, NC…you best believe I'm watching them all. Stay safe and prepared folks.

  6. the real bad news is it s just the 4th of the early season


    Child Education for current event Hurricane Dorian.

  8. 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪

  9. I’m in NC if it comes here I can’t evacuate because I have no $ for gas. My cash app is $lmsmith12 if anyone wants to bless me I’d like to drive to PA where I’m from to visit please pray for me

  10. Thank u cuz people r saying fort pierce Is in the clear cuz Google maps said so I'm trying to find out

  11. Somebody told that hurricane to go pound sand. So,….

  12. this man is the best of all the hurricane "explainers"

  13. NOAA NHC does an excellent job of informing the public without causing sensationalist panic.

    These are the conditions and models, this could be the impact, be safe, act accordingly.

  14. When Dorian pass near us in Puerto Rico,we had some rain, not much,next day the government said everyone go to work, and students go to school in the afternoon noon do you know what happened,floods of water all over Puerto Rico,it was a surprise for the island,so Florida be careful.

  15. Has anyone ever heard of a hurricane that only moves 1mph?

  16. So far out of every forcast that I have watched…not one has listed the exact location in long/lat. ALL huricane forcast used to list those numbers so that you could actually see where the storm is AND was an hr ago. You keep talking about where you THINK the storm will go….but showing absolutely no
    evidence of ANY movement to the north. WHERE ARE THE NUMBERS ?

  17. It’s moving at 1 mph geez that’s like nothing

  18. LA Times published a 2 minute YT piece with a guy or a reporter? giving commentary while in a raging storm!!!….and you cannot even comprehend what he is saying!..???.. Purportedly, he is in the raging storm in Bahamas…BUUUUT! his accent is Mexican, not Caribbean..and he looks the part…. ….and he is clearly not a native….NO chat…it was disabled…..But tell me… how do I know when this was?..where it was?…and if this reporter is even alive in the year 2019?…get the picture! not Credible! This is not NEWS…it is fearmongering.

  19. Thank You SO MUCH you wonderful NWS people. We love and appreciate you. And thank you Jesus that YOU are God and whatever befalls: our trust is in You !!!!!!!!! We will praise You in the midst of the Storm!!!!

  20. I cant just leave, I'm in Wendys eating a triple choc syrup pancake stack with crunch cream topping.

  21. Read the comments…… They all say the same thing! Think! Are you being programmed?>

  22. I have a feeling the steering winds will not be strong enough to pull it to the north.

  23. LORD God please move away the strom from Florida, Bahamas. Please LORD God of Heaven and Earth change the direction of the storm. LORD hear my sincere prayers, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Thank you,


  25. The Chinese underwater structure…hmmmm…boom.

  26. Very good coverage of the hurricane on this channel. Thanks!

  27. Great explanation!! Thank You for kept us update ,

  28. What if it doesn’t turn and keeps going straight right to Miami and nobody is prepared…

  29. I'm sick of this. Something can be done about this .Millions of lives are effected. These storms can be detected while they are about 1/4 mile across.There is time to blow out one of the walls with explosives, or heat it with microwave technology. This will dissipate it. I've heard that some are working on it BUT nothing IS DONE.

  30. The hurricane molested me I want to press charges guys

  31. Excellent in depth analysis. Bravo

  32. This seems to be a more accurate forecast

  33. This guy is doing a great job!!

  34. Like he said just a little movement in direction and it could hit land

  35. This is the best, calmest and most easily assimilated forecast yet. Stay safe Peeps! And don't forget your animals, they need to be kept safe and fed and watered too.

  36. I keep trying to move that arrow out of the screen, except it's not mine. lol

  37. Thanks to all meteorologist to keep us as informed as possible.

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