Tuesday , January 18 2022
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The National Hurricane Center provides an update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian hurtled toward the United States and was on track to become a major hurricane Friday before its expected landfall Monday along Florida’s east coast, forecasters say.

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The storm was slowly turning west on Friday as it makes it way back toward land and is expected to strengthen in the coming days, the National Hurricane Center said. Dorian is then forecast slam the southeastern United States as a possible Category 4 storm.

Forecasters say Dorian will likely slow down considerably as it approaches Florida, allowing for heavy rainfall, dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge to linger.

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  1. This is going to give Trump h
    one heck of a water trap on his golf courses.

  2. Where is the line to SPIT and throw piss on Trump. He has no clue how much we hate him in Europe. The destroyer of (the last bit of democracy in the US) LOL…..you where never democratic, and i hope you die young as usual by snotape sickness

  3. Direct hit on Mar a Lago. Trump will watch TV all day, his beloved Mar a Lago getting flattened. And the World will rejoice, Trump saddened.

  4. Dorian will make Mar a Lago history! Good riddance!

  5. Unfortunately as with any hurricane that has made landflall, there will be some fatalities. I wish you all in Florida and the Bahamas the best of luck.

  6. This Guy Is Garbage I can believe I wasted 2 mins of my time on this fool.

  7. We hope that everyone stays safe in Florida! If your vessel or property is damaged or the fix is too much to bear consider donating your items today! Florida boat donation, Florida property donation, and Florida vehicle donations are just a few things that http://www.givingcenter.org can help with! They have many funding sites like http://www.charityboats.org , http://www.onlinecardonation.org and http://www.realestatewithcauses.org that will consider ALL DONATIONS whether running or not!

  8. Thanks for the update! Local news told us we were going to get 12" to 16" or more inches of rain in our area and you are showing it as 6" to 10". The Scaremongerers are at it again! There ought to be laws against lying like that!

  9. We live in a mobile home in Dania and always have to evacuate.

    One of the hardest parts is trying to figure out when to go to the hotel.

    Right now I can’t figure out if we should get the hotel for Monday and Tuesday night or Tuesday and Wednesday night. For example if it’s coming Tuesday morning then we will need Monday night.… But if it’s coming Tuesday night and Monday night would be wasting money. Any ideas?

    Then there’s also the Strategizing I have to do to get the hotel in time before they’re all booked up. They won’t say what time it is hitting on Tuesday so I’m stuck. AGAIN.

    Hoping to have the night after the hurricane since we probably won’t have electricity for a day or two. Our generator died and we can’t afford another one so… It’s gonna be really hot for a few days.

    If the hotel allows we might be able to afford to add on another day but because our budget is tight we are trying to time it for our first hotel night being when Dorian actually hits.

    Confusing, I know. I’m a 48 year-old native. My birthday is September 3. Won’t be my first birthday spent hiding from a hurricane.

    Good luck everybody! God bless you!

    🕯 🔦 💪🍔🌭🍊🥕
    🧻🧸🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼 📖 📚

  10. stay safe Floridians and your homes. Pancake Maralago lol

  11. The Latinos coming here are in for a rude awakening..

  12. Looks like they won’t have to exaggerate this one like they did for the last one.

  13. These dolts could pour soybean oil on the water around the hurricane and stop it, but they're too stupid to do what Benjamin Franklin suggested. See "Crazy Lake Experiment"–it scales up! A few thousand gallons of light edible oil would reduce the evaporation enough to disorganize and destroy this system. When I attacked Hurricane Irma with 200 gallons of soybean and canola oil around Key West, that storm diminished by two categories when it hit my 129 square mile monomolecular oil sheen.

  14. DORAL is dorian-doomed. doral is hurricane toast. doral is typhoon history. doral is three sheets to the cyclome wind.

  15. if you have watched weatherbell ideas, you have seen them say that its when the track turns back to the west you get the more rapid development, That is a sign of the trough backing away, and the ridge popping, Classic ridge over troubled waters

  16. The slow movement of this storm next week is not because of a stronger than average subtropical ridge, but instead the weakness in the ridge, If ridge was stronger, like Andrew or Betsy it would be hustling west.

  17. Why it covers small area in the ocean but when it hits Fl it becomes suddenly gigantic to cover all Fl? Seems they are pushing you to spend your money lol

  18. Everyone knows they can down load almost real time sattilite tracker, of hurricanes right? We've been tracking this system since Sunday and every perdiction has been way off.

  19. Hopefully Dorian completely destroys Mar a Lago and Trump’s golf course

  20. I’ve never been so happy to live in Colorado Broomfield

  21. same shit different year here in Florida kind of getting old if I wasn't poor id move from this shithole state have no clue yet could turn hard rite and go straight up the coast to Georgia

  22. Trump needs call a national emergency & put a wall around Florida 2 keep the ocean from invading the USA

  23. SIGH~I love living in Florida except for hurricanes and extreme humidity from mid June-end of Aug. Well, back to prepping for Dorian.

  24. Thank you guys for your work in our behalf giving us advance warnings. Saves lives!

  25. Everyone here in Florida wants to know where it is going to hit. Stop with being worried if your wrong and just tell people already. It's going to hit the whole state is crap, where's it making landfall

  26. Prayers for strength n courage to all effected🙏💙🙏

  27. Still no EBT BENEFITS released this is not funny or a joke PSALMS 91 and 51

  28. Im from Florida were ready to fight the hurricane. Bring it on

  29. Was this filmed on a cell phone?

  30. It's going to hit Mar-a-Lago, lol.

  31. Andrew Yang for President 2020!!!!

  32. Did you record this with your phone?

  33. Come to Texas so I can take a couple weeks off from work.

  34. i will tell u the experts : luckily i 3rd place

    the hurricane when it reaches us it will be a 4 but the next day 2pm it will be a 1 so we will feel effects but a category 4 we will have and the next day its gonna rain

  35. Never mind it was his reflection

  36. What's the miles in wide estimated?
    Last I heard it was 200 miles

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