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The Patriots: How a political movement took root and became a force in Arizona | USA TODAY

The Patriot movement has an increasing influence in Republican politics. The movement and its ties to QAnon were influenced by an Arizona author most don’t know.
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The Arizona Republic spent months investigating online hate speech and its influence on state GOP politics. Reporters reviewed thousands of posts from a closed Facebook group, where members of Arizona’s budding Patriot movement developed beliefs and planned activities. The group welcomed QAnon believers and allowed racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and false ideas to flourish. Rob O’Dell and Richard Ruelas reported stories about the hate speech, the group, the party, and the conspiracy theories.

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  1. "Back the Blue", say the people who killed at least one cop and injured several more on January 6.

  2. Stupidity + Anger = Conservatism

  3. Every time I go down south and someone says something stupid, they look at me and say "You have to understand. This is THE SOUTH."

    So I've concluded that as your distance to equator decreases, your intelligence goes down.

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  26. Imagine, if Republicans had gained control of The House there would be nothing but speeches and no impeachment.

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