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The Perfect Day In Ibiza 🌴 & my Holiday Skincare Routine // Fashion Mumblr AD

The Perfect Day In Ibiza 🌴 & my Holiday Skincare Routine //
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bareMinerals products:

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Skinlongevity Vital Power Serum:

Mineral Cleansing Water –

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Lashtopia Mascara –

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What I Wore :

Black and Gold swimsuit –
White Culottes –
Linen shorts –
Broderie dress –
Shell hat –
Spot swimsuit –
Shell necklace –
White embroidered dress –

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  1. Hi my name is Shannon I have just been to Ibiza and stayed In Portinatx and it was very fun I was also attacked by mosquitoes 🦟😂 instead of a freshwater pool we had a salt water pool and we had a lot of fun and I got an amazing tan ☀️ loved this video like all of yours so thank you for being a great you tuber 💗

  2. Loooove this one! Stunning photography and the video is so well made! Super professional and you look gorgeous!

  3. Wow! Such a lovely video Josie 😍 love it!

  4. This video was impressive!! It was perfect xx

  5. What a beautiful video Josie, you can really see that you have put a lot of time and effort in to it! Your content right now is amazing! Xx

  6. Though this is a beautiful video. I do prefer your regular style better. This feels much less personal than your other videos. Thank you for your videos.

  7. Omg! Josie! I absolutely loved this video! Very Informative and ROMANTIC! They way you and Charlie are portrayed here is so beautiful, while you were talking about the magnetism of the area you guys were in, I could not help but to feel the magnetism between the two of you. So beautiful. I am a romantic at heart and love seeing real couples do their thing. heart melts 😍

  8. I love the voiceover😃👍🏼

  9. Very Beautiful Video! 💗

  10. The edit is wow 😮😯 😍great job

  11. Wow, love the aesthetic of this video, Josie! Edited so beautifully! From all the fashion bloggers I follow, you are the one who has by far the most high-quality videos!

  12. Love this style video! Your routine and narration is beautiful. Your skin is glowing! Thank you for taking us along. Really liked seeing Charlie as part of this video 👍🏻🤗💕

  13. Thanks for being us along.

  14. Gorgeous video as usual!! Loved following you throughout the day. Cant wait to see whats next!

  15. Love the content but this edit is on another level 😍 xx

  16. AMAZING editing on this one💕
    PS can you please do an entire shoe collection❤️ I really need some serious shoe inspo

  17. Very professional edit, another amazing video from you! 👍

  18. I love seeing the affection that is happening between you and Charlie you can see the love. And the smiles and laughter are contagious.

  19. This video was such a joy to watch! It was professional, creative, and very beautifully shot! I don't usually comment on videos but this was just another level and I really enjoyed it!

  20. That was such a creative way to showcase the partnership with bare minerals!

  21. Lovely. I want to go…..and soon! Well done. I love hats too and my husband is always saying…:" another one?!!!"

  22. Such a beautiful video. I love it! Wish I was there.

  23. I love this video. Love every single moment. And in this video you look soo beautiful Josie 🙂 so far the most beautiful video I have seen 🙂 🙂

  24. Josie You looked stunning in this video. Lovely times😍
    Thank you as well for sharing Bare Minerals range. Cant wait to try foundation +mascara😍😍😍 Take care xxx

  25. This was absolutely beautiful I loved everything about it!!!!! ❤️❤️

  26. Amazing Video! I want to go to Ibiza right now! 😍

  27. Josie, where is the amazing white broderie dress w puffed sleeves that you are wearing in the video from? It’s none of the ones bellow. Thank you so much for yet another amazing video. You are truly inspiring!

  28. I wish I could give you multiple likes! What an amazing video and editing ❤ Only comment I have is that maybe the filtering is a little too heavy, espcially in the make-up routine bit. I think you look better in the more natural light videos like the ones from your bedroom at home 😘
    Also you and Charlie are too cute in this!

    On a sidenote, I finally bought a Bare Minerals starter kit! It was the make-up video on Be My Bride that did it for me, although I prefer the natural look with the loose powder like yours. So thank you! ❤

  29. Wow this is such an amazing video!

  30. Beautiful people, beautiful places, beautiful video! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to your content 🙏 feel like rewatching it 👌 xx

  31. Wow, the quality of this video is amazing! Well done ❤️ You definitely made me want to try this foundation, your skin looks gorgeous 😍 I really hope you're not planning to stop making your usual style vlogs though ❤️ I love those chatty videos so much.

  32. Ooooh to be on a boat in such a beautiful location and not swim because of makeup and hairdo might be such a pain)))

  33. Josie you outdid yourself.
    This is how you make a video with an AD in it!!
    You have put so much effort and creativity in this 💕

  34. I'd never heard of Bare Minerals before you, and now I'm a true believer!! Thanks for introducing me to this great foundation, and greetings from Texas!

  35. Omg this is the best vlog i have ever seen on YouTube i really like the way you are upgrading the channel,i wish you all the best in your work 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  36. Your effort is amazing ! Such a great video !

  37. Very lovely and, Beautiful to see you happy and smiling Enjoy ! !!***♡♡♡♡♡

  38. what a breath taking video thank you so much & for all the make up from Bare Minerals . Have a lovley week ( Judy )

  39. Beautiful video; felt like a mini vacation. 😎

  40. The effort really shows, well done Josie. Just gorgeous!

  41. Oh my god the video is amazing 🤩 great recording and production 😍 WOW

  42. Beautiful Josie! ⭐️

  43. This is my favorite..of All your videos I have watched! 🙂

  44. Great video, thanks. The straw hat 👒you tried on looks perfect for ya.🇺🇸

  45. Such a beautifully shot and edited video Josie! I’m sure it took a lot of time to film and edit but it looked absolutely effortless! Absolutely stunning and dreamy!! xoxo

  46. Lovely video, Josie. I love Bare Minerals too.

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