Sunday , April 18 2021
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The Queen suspends parliament ahead of Brexit

Queen Elizabeth agreed to suspend Parliament until October 14.

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  1. All the obese uneducated British people can just watch tv cluelessly as their nutter queen starts to rule again

  2. Boris Johnson-Brexit
    Trump- Building of the wall

    Neither will deliver, but will make grand speeches and stall until they’re both ran out of office.

  3. the queen is siding with the people who voted to leave, if there is a leadership vacuum she must assert authority in the matter.

  4. Beautiful Grand daughter in laws

  5. Appreciate that 😇🌍👿

  6. I’m not sure if President Trump can suspend Congress but if he can’t he should.


  8. If only the queen suspended the pedophile actions of her son oh make that Sons husband over herself and the whole royal family why don't you suspend that Queen?

  9. BRAVO .Boris Johnson. BRAVO Her Majesty.
    Its Nationalism vs Globalism. Remainers are bought and paid for by George Soros.
    Boris should get a WTO Brexit delivered and MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN.

  10. Even the queen knows what democracy means.

  11. Here in the U.K we are trying to drain our swamp 🇬🇧 like you are doing God bless America 🇺🇸 👍

  12. And the queen is being moved to a save place , Hoooora for the queue ,
    If onlt people would realise how bad this us going to be , on people you's do not have a clue , shame on you all ,
    I voted to remain, but if the leavers won then fair enough , but leaving without a deal , is dissatrous , God help the people ,

  13. What about democracy?? Really they put 85 m ppl under old woman rule ???

  14. We want an Australian Republic!!

  15. Sounds like your parliament is just a corrupt as the Washington politicians in the US. Most are bought and paid for by special interest (big business). How do you explain how wealthy they get being a politician. They are horrible creatures.

  16. neil – got an idea – why not move over to cnn where the audience applauds a host that talks over conservative guests

  17. No, the Prime Minister suspended Parliament with the Queen's permission.

  18. One like=one person to say NO DEAL to borris Johnson

  19. Remember UK is not a democracy, its a Monarchy.

  20. Reportedly the Queen asked some of her dinner guests to name three good things about the European Union and they could not come up with anything. Brexit. Italy will be next.

  21. Queen Elizabeth is a SMART WOMAN. She knows that paying for BREXIT is TRASH. Those stupid Liberals IN THE UK ARE nothing but a group of destroyers of all Democracy. CLEAN BREAK is the best for the UK. Ireland and Scotland can choke on the EU and their policies.

  22. Queeny protected randy Andy as well didn't she…?
    Maybe bojo and Andy have mutual social interests in junior high schools ?

  23. I guess it is true that Trump OWNS the Royals now, which is what insiders have been saying. This is NOT a blow to Democracy. The blow to Democracy was what the Parliament has done to the UK people. The people voted to leave, they did not vote to leave with a deal. They want nothing to do with any "Deal."
    By the way, Fox Business channel sucks.

  24. Who says Epstein’s blackmail data was useless .

  25. Finally Boris is using the Queen's power for the good of the people unlike their past leader.

  26. The queen cant say no.

  27. The UK needs to get out of the EUSSR as a step to its own survival. I hope it starts a wave of EUSSR victim nations bailing out.

  28. Leftwing cry babies shouting there heads of, democracy means we leave the eu.

  29. Thank god you have a democracy; " oh wait, you still have a fucken queen ".

  30. The Queen is the face of 13 Aristocratic bloodlines often called the Black Nobility or Venetians. They've ruled from the Vatican, London and D.C, those three cities are seperate from the countries they're located in. Alexander the Great destroyed Tyre, the royalty fled, probably paid a King's ransom to "escape" and built Venice. They've always been seafaring merchants, solidified their present world dominance in the twelfth century. They are the world bankers, they own "our" Federal Reserve, they made London their financial capital, D.C was their military might until Big Daddy Trump came along(Military Intelligence operation) and Vatican city of course is their spiritual center of course. A few families are from Genoa and Italy, but to sum this up, you can trace these Royal bloodlines to the Leaders of every freaking world Empire. Sumer/Sumeria(both correct) Egypt, Babylon, Medes/Persian, Greece, Roman, and they rule today as the holy Roman Empire. If you've ever seen a American flag surrounded by gold trim, that's them in our face. London's Lion once had wings as their symbol. The Queen allowing this to happen is huge, expect big happenings with the Vatican. Looks like President Trump really is the one "chosen" (though he was obviously joking around) to deliver the head wound to the Beast. Use the time given to you to repent of sins, draw close to God through his Holy Son, because according to the Holy Bible this Beast will be healed, and it gets really bad from there. Lucifer will succeed for a short time in creating a one world government greater than King Nimrod's ever was.

  31. Very stupid stunt by Boris, the Queen just being a figure head had no choice than to accept th suspension.

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