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The Quest to Understand the Biology of Weight Loss (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

To win, we have to lose. The four-part HBO Documentary Films series, The Weight of The Nation explores the obesity epidemic in America. For more information on The Weight of the Nation, visit http://hbo.com/theweightofthenation.

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  4. Eat real food (80% animal products), fast (intermittent and occasionally prolonged) and resistance train to build muscle. Do these things and you won't be fat.

  5. Intense Video! Fantastic job on this video.

  6. Does anyone else think its wrong that they had her lose all this weight, on a liquid diet then sent her out into the world like…'welp, its gonna be hard to keep it off….stop by if you want". Like you taught her nothing about sustainability. She might gain back more weight. Is that ethical research practice?

  7. I’ve reduced around 17 lbs of my body weight just after I implemented this kind of “Yamzοkο Weebly” diet program (Google it).It’s a miracle to experience a potential effect from this. This works truly quick and I love it. There’s an enormous distinction in how that my favorite attire fit and just the side-by-side photos of a Six day change! .

  8. Cut down on carbs will help tremendously. Add intermittent fasting.

  9. I so disagree with this assumption. I was always on the chubby side and decided in my late 30s to lose the weight. I studied nutrition a little and made a decision. Lost about a total of 60 pounds. Changed my wardrobe from a size 16-18 to a size 6-8. I am now in my late 50s and still wear that same size 6-8. I just made a decision not to eat junk and make my own food. I do not own a scale and never think or thought about dieting again. I just eat. It is not difficult. I do not even exercise, because I do not like it. This is bull crap. set your mind to losing, prepare food from scratch, and your proper appetite will develop. This type of "pseudo science" only gives people a bogus reason why they are having difficulties losing weight.

  10. I am 71 years old . On my current diet I have lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months . 9 years ago I lost 100 pounds in less than a year . 20 years ago I lost 80 pounds in less than a year . And on and on . I have been on diets since I was 11 years old . I am a retired Carpenter , I was raised on an 83 acre farm . I have worked hard all my life . Hard physical work . I have 3 sets of clothes for different weights . I am very active and at this point have been consuming about 1500 calories a day for 6 months . Right now my glucose levels are great , my blood pressure is great , I have energy and feel very healthy . I have studied nutrition , I don't believe in fad diets . I eat a LOT of vegetables , and chicken breast . I eat 3 small meals a day , no potatoes , bread , rice , corn , pasta , sweets or sweet drinks . I believe I am healthy and active ( walk 3 miles a day ). I am just tired of thinking about weight loss and food constantly . I would prefer enjoying my senior years without the stress . I feel so sorry for all the people who fight obesity every day of their lives !!! It is easier to quit drugs than food .

  11. Start fasting everyday. Read about intermittent fasting. Your body needs to learn how to burn fat.

  12. This is 7 years old , things aren’t any better

  13. They jailed people for nine months?

  14. when there is abundance of food…People who have the capacity to withstand overeating will become the future of humanity…others will slowly (across many generations) fade away in to extinction (within the species)…this is so inline with the theory 'survival of the fittest' …no other species in the history has been subjected to an environment where there is such an abundance of food…this opens up a new branch for natural selection…and we are probably the first generation that is subjected to it…unless temptation to food has nothing to do with genetics

  15. Nice advertisement, nice music, very exciting…where's the documentary ?…I mean, with all the dramatic music covering people's voices, this is a trailer, isn't it ?…at 01:20, the frivolous music stops, halle-bloody-lujah !!!…the lady says "Oh, mercy !" and what do you do ? You play music over her voice…is this how you speak to people, you play music at the same time ? Next thing, you'll have loud music in school classes while the teacher teaches…why not at your doctor's ?!? Have images and words lost their weight, resorting to music being the only way to convey a dramatic message ? Does the expression 'incidental music' ring a bell to you ?…incidental is not permanent !-(

  16. 'Calories in' and 'calories out' are never the same. 100kcal of softdrink is not the same as 100kcal of vegetables. The softdrink will raise insulin levels and promote fat storage. Vegetables provide fiber which will slow down the insulin spike. Never eat or drink anything where the fiber has been taken out. And cut the refined carbs.

  17. This makes me wonder about the advice of not losing weight too quickly–part of that rational is that the body needs time to adjust or else it fights to put the weight back on. If the body will always fight to put weight back on, is the advice to "lose weight slowly" outdated? Are there other reasons not to lose, say 3-5 pounds a week instead of 1-2?

  18. yola must be atleast 80 pounds heavier now.

  19. 1. Cut sugar
    2. Cut all process carbs and low fiber foods (e.g. bread/pasta/potato etc)
    3. Never go caloric deficit diets. Instead eat enough calories (2000 for women and 3000 for men) and try intermittent fasting.
    4. Don’t use corn/vegetables oil. Use olive oil
    5. Cook your own food! Food isn’t meant to be so easy and accessible to humans. Moreover, food industry puts sugar/corn syrup in almost everything you can buy in store.

  20. Sooo..do not get obese in the first place?

  21. calories in = calories burned +/- weight gain/loss

    SIMPLE. There will always be people telling themselves all sorts of bullshit stories to avoid confronting the truth and accepting responsibility, which is that its your own fault that you are fat and noone elses, and as soon as you accept that, as soon as you clean up your diet and start eating clean food and stop eating junk food, you will lose weight and keep it off, and solve your problem.

  22. These documentaries are so insightful

  23. This is the most depressing thing I've ever seen

  24. You should be looking at hormones, not weight.

  25. What kind of a moron would make somebody drink milkshakes for nine months straight and think that was a normal diet? Sugar and whey protein and some stray vitamins is no kind of a diet for a human being. Plus they are confined to a hospital for all this time as well, and not running around out in nature or even doing normal housework. And they call this science.

  26. I’ve been talking to my friends who have always stayed thin to see what they do. One skips meals (1 main meal in the evening and a granola bar or two early in the day) and walks a lot. Another eats very little, no snacks at all, an apple, yogurt, and nuts for lunch, no artificial foods, baked or crockpot meals rather than fried or sautéed, and goes to the gym every day. When she goes to Spain and is eating more fried food, she gains some weight. Another eats only organic, gluten free. She won’t eat anything at restaurants or at peoples house in case it’s not organic. I am heavier because I eat a lot more that they do and exercise less. For example, very recently I ate 3 pieces of cake in one day. I don’t even like cake that much. These friends wouldn’t have touched it. If I ate like them, I would be thin too. But it’s hard to maintain such strict eating habits. Clearly there is something in my brain that makes me reach for food when it is not to my benefit. These girls don’t have that loss of willpower and they have nearly a lifetime of habits.

  27. I told my doctor about this documentary and he said none of it was true he said the reason we eat more is because the stomach been stretched when obese lol … typical with mainstream doctors they know nothing about weight loss..

  28. I get once weight is lost your muscles are more efficient. But wouldn't adding muscle mass require higher calorie intake? Are they just assuming when weight is lost the individual doesn't exercise and get stronger?

  29. None of this takes into consideration the most potent influence of all…the mind. Once you get your head around it, and keep it there, you've cracked it. It's different for each one of us. What motivates us is very powerful!

  30. Eat healthily from young like how we maintain personal hygiene.


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