Monday , April 19 2021
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The stimulus bill has passed in the House, where does it go next? | USA TODAY

The House passed the latest stimulus bill, but what’s in the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package? What happens next and when will people see any money?
The Democratically-controlled House approved President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package early Saturday, a key step for a measure that would provide millions of Americans $1,400 stimulus payments, ramp up vaccine distribution and extend unemployment aid through the summer.

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  1. Republican’s obstruction is borderline treason. actively trying to scam and mislead the people you have pledge to protect and serve. am a conservative, but the republican party does not represent my views.

  2. That little Nancy and her face masks. Yikes!

  3. you lost for a reason. Mitch is the controversy

  4. Is there 10% in it for the big guy!

  5. The House passed THE CARES ACT last July 2020, but the Senate refused to pass it. That is a shame. We need more money, not less, in our economy. The Federal government has an obligation to respond to Americans needs BECAUSE THEY FORCED A SHUTDOWN! Republicans should have passed this almost a year ago, and we could have had a fourth stimulus check for everyone before the election Nov 3. Then, maybe Trump would have won (he only lost the Electoral College by about 40,000 popular votes, so without the cheating Democrats, our economy might be even better). So here we are. The Senate should pass this immediately and get the hell out of the way. Our economy is roaring back, and some States will have surpluses! The time for politics is over. This should be bipartisan and unanimous.

  6. why can't you just create a bill that has the stimulus check only in it. And I am sick of all the other crap added and sick and tired of all other amounts of money that goes out to other countries

  7. How about we just open up the stores! Businesses want to go back to work. They dont want unemployment benefits! They just want to return to their normal lives

  8. The problem is rather than explaining to people what exactly is going on our Republican Party is only pointing out what Democrats want. Our government is a non-revenue building business. Taxes are what pays for our government. Any money they borrow for things such as the stimulus has to be paid back. If you think about the actual number that will be paid out in stimulus is about 300 billion. That means for 1400 each working American will have to pay back around 11000 dollars. Non-working Americans will also be pitching in and higher taxes on everyday items. Now I've never seen taxes come down. So even after every American is paid their debt for this stimulus $1,400. They will continue to pay out.

  9. People, look at this thread. Our education system is very, very broken. Nobody can spell for shit. As if it's hard. 🤦🤦🤦


  11. Wow, just passed by 7 votes 😱😱😱 politicians still don't wmat to do anything for suffering Americans who have been out of work for 11 months. Damn, shame😠😠👹

  12. Democrats are control freaks. I’m not living in fear, if others want to that’s their right. How dare they ruin lives while they continue to get paid.

  13. That is too high for a minimum wage. It should be close to $10.63, which matches the minimum wage from 1978 when adjusted for inflation. We should also eliminate the tipped wage and mandate compensation for drivers at 50 cents a mile in addition to the minimum wage if they are using their own vehicle. We could eliminate tipping, better compensate low-wage workers, and not put undue pressure on employers.

  14. This government doesn’t represent me or my interests.

  15. Wake up people only 9% for we the people! Are kid's and grand kid's will be paying for this! This bill is for a bridge from new york to canada ! A underground subway for silicon valley this bill is full of pork not for covid!

  16. This woman is a big fool for decivin the country

  17. $300,000,000,000 for the American people…
    $1,600,000,000,000 in pure unadulterated grift…

    10% for the big guy.

  18. We wouldn't need $15.00 an hour minimum wage IF our good paying factory jobs had not been given to China and Mexico years ago. That was the both Democrats and Republicans!! This is the greatest country in the world and we can't make sh* t here. Trump was getting it back but apparently we didn't want that, as the media kept telling us.

  19. Oh boy if the Republicans block this again I don't even wanna see our reaction this time

  20. "Minorities don't know how to get online." – Joe Biden

  21. Why are we still wearing masks for a virus so dangerous you have to be tested to see if you have it? Here's a hint, it's not Russia or China and it's not the Republicans.

  22. Someone flipping my cheeseburger at McDonald’s is about to make $30,000 a year 😂 that is if McDonald’s keeps everyone employed 😂😂😂

  23. Decisive action….with puuulllooosssiii claiming it…..bahaaaaa…..seriously?! Nwo bs….polusi pull lucy….pu…lu…ci….and her minions havent done anything for Americans….all they want is comunism….and to crash America….liars liars…..all…..obtw….TRUMP IS STILL MY PRES

  24. Like they care about the american people….right.👎🤡

  25. I wonder if President Biden will give a stimulus check to all the illegal immigrants he is going to let in to our country.

  26. "American Rescue Plan" when only 90% having nothing to do with helping Americans? I seriously suggest Americans watch what transpired yesterday if they can find a replay stream on it. You'll see first hand how much a of circus act your government is and how much they're porking bills like this.

  27. So that’s roughly $5,789 per person in a population of approx. 328 million. Where did the other $4,389 go to? Admin. Costs? When are you going to replace Yellen with the monopoly man?

  28. A similar bill will pass in the senate and then both bills will go to a committee with both senators and congressmen. A compromise bill will then be made from those two bills and then voted on again in both chambers. The increase in minimum wage section will be removed.

  29. We will see how much goes to other nations, it’s guaranteed BILLIONS will go outside of our nations walls.

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