The Test Season Two | Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Test Season Two will show a rare behind-the-scenes insight into the Australian men’s cricket team as they strive to be the best in the world. The four-part series launches exclusively on Prime Video from January 13, 2023.

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  1. Well no gabba scenes…but going to love this as well🤣

  2. Is the India tour to Australia gabba famous win covered?

  3. Cannot wait for the second season

  4. NGL I'm still waiting for the India match documentary , the day we won the match with our net bowlers

  5. i dont think season 2 will be better than or anywhere close to season 1

  6. Border Gavaskar trophy??🏆

  7. But we all are waiting for tim pain's comeback.. 👀👀

  8. Man i just love everything about this documentary! P.S. i really want that ACB blazer so bad lol

  9. i dont think this will be as good, I think it'll still be good but not as good. They just dont have the story arc akin to 'ball tampering to the ashes'.

  10. Why border gavaskar trophy is not added in the series

  11. The biggest test awaits in India

  12. there's no point if there is not even a talk about Gabba

  13. Are they not going to include the second consecutive series defeat at India's hand on their own soil?

  14. I hope they show the border gavasker trophy

  15. Will this season 2 contain bg2021

  16. Where the bordergavasker tour at 😭😭

  17. Can anyone suggest any other cricket documentary

  18. They brought up things years ago from Tim's past to give them a reason to sack him

  19. Wonder if they are going to cover the home series with India! The trailer didn't mention anything about it though.

  20. Not gonna watch if the Indian test series victory of 2020-21 is not shown here.

  21. I would really hate the series if they didn't show or mentioned about the Gabba test in the web series. It was a classic test match which every cricket player love.

  22. Skipped test series vs India

  23. I am in love with this video When i see flag of Pakistan 🤧🤧🤧

  24. And what will be season 3? Australia’s Test tour of India,WTC final & Ashes tour next year.

  25. It's a shame that the BGT isn't in here, probably. Kudos to ACT though

  26. And now they r no 1 in the world

  27. I will lose it if they don't add the Indian tour in 2020/2021.

  28. Will they cover the Gabba??

  29. absolutely waiting for border gavaskar trophy visuals in the test season 2.. how they feels.

  30. All right! Something to look forward to!

  31. The hypocrite aussies won't show their majestic loss against India.

  32. Guys shouldve included the Gabba one