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The tragic death of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten l ABC News

ABC News’ “20/20” takes a look at the story of Dorothy Stratten, who was just 20 years old when she was murdered by her estranged husband.
READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/33JTW41

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  1. Why my girls go to jail and them playboy girls don't. Hmmmmmm

  2. Wtf. They tell the story like it just happened. Well??? That is the news. I hope Dorothy Straton is having a good time while being an angel in heaven.

  3. Is ABC getting of tired of really working for their reports they have to redo an old rerun – must be getting lazy

  4. Ooo Jeana Keough looking super puffy!

  5. Paul Snider rob the world by killing Dorothy stratten

  6. I think it's better to be more average looking. Beauty fades. If you focus on it too much you could feel lost when it's gone. It's best to focus on using your brain and having a rewarding career and great friendships. So many women these days overdue their cosmetic procedures to remain good looking. They end up looking very bad.

  7. Why is my feed flooded with this story?

  8. And this is the roll model that women are suppose to aspire to, ???!!!! Look what it got her !! DEAD !! How did America fall to such a low degree ?!!!

  9. Bogdonovich was just a different kind of peredator. Was with Strattons sister after Dorothy's death. Had also "dated" Cybil Shepherd when she was starring in The Last Picture Show. Seems to be a pattern. He wasn't seducing them with his manly good looks…

  10. She was an adulterous whore that deserved to die. If it was a guy that cheated on his wife and dumped her as soon as success started coming, the narrative of the story would’ve been different, the wife would’ve been portrayed as a heart broken woman that succumbed to her aching heart. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Wow…Jethro seems much smarter..lol

  12. Like Sharon Stone. Only alive

  13. End by underworld drug addiction then death or murder

  14. R.I.P. Dorothy. Great movie star 80

  15. 💋 This comes on at 9:00 on ABC tonight. Watch it so you won't be bitching about how they don't post all the segments

  16. abc supports sexploitation

  17. Some pornstars don't live that long, it comes with the territory…

  18. Beauty can make you feel invincible because it doesn't make you invisible, It makes you the perfect target.

  19. My parents were young in high school when she died 😂

  20. Good riddance nude sellout.

  21. Wow..poor soul..I pray she found the Lord..as for him..not sure since he killed her and himself.. smh 😱

  22. They tell this story over and over. It's sad, but it is already well known.

  23. I was 3 years old when this happened. I have seen the E! True Hollywood Story about this beautiful woman whose life was cut short, at the tender age of 20 by her crazed jealous husband. The episode aired in 2000 and it was 2 hrs. long. When I watched that episode, I was blown away by the tragedy and, jealousy make you do stupid things like he did. I now have the DVR set for the 20/20 EPISODE of Dorothy.

    RIP Dorothy Ruth Hoogstratten 2/29/60 – 8/14/80

  24. What's tragic? People die all the time.

  25. Amy should pose 4 playboy.

  26. 2:04 I thought that was shia labeouf🤣

  27. I used to yank my snake to her boobs when I was a kid.

  28. She drank to much cum, that’s how this slut died

  29. Gorgeous woman! I love Playboy! Hustler too! Appreciate the human form

  30. I knew "iconic" had to be said at some point.

  31. Whats the truth anymore

  32. Beauty can be a double edged sword.

  33. The movie Star 80 was a GREAT movie 👍🏼 and it was so shocking for the time, she was such a beautiful Woman 💜🌹💧👑

  34. If she had a Chance to return on Earth, Am so sure she will Reject all these talks and Hug Her Bible..

    Let we who are Alive Make use of the Opportunity!

    Life without JESUS CHRIST is a Wasted Life..

    If U Die without JESUS CHRIST, it would be better if you were not Born!

    REPENT! And Accept JESUS CHRIST NOW! Tonite may be late..

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