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The Trump show's big finale: President Donald Trump's final full day in office

ABC senior editorial producer John Santucci looks back at standout moments of the Trump presidency and its legacy, plus what’s next for President Trump and his family.

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  1. I love ❤️ TrUMP 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏

  2. F trump ‘ Looser * Fox News is Fake news ‘ MSM

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  4. Hahaha you pathetic news reporting…Obama had a bigger military sign off. Gun salute, marking band Timmy damn trumpet…the works…you idiots

  5. Donald trump the greatest president ever

  6. President Trump opened Americans eyes to the evil of Washington and helped create a new party direction for disillusioned conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. The GOP is dead. Millions are changing to unaffiliated and joining the New Patriot party. GOP volunteers are resigning from election positions across the country. The Lincoln Project will collect their money and fade into the Dem party as planned. Fascist Democrat party was lost 20 years ago. Elections will need to be run by the National Guard on paper ballots and Congress will be purged by voters or term limits

  7. https://youtu.be/t8JFpFNJtqQ.
    The reason
    Joe Biden should be resigned by The God's will .listen God's voice 0

  8. Now he and Melania can work on their marriage😉

  9. Thank you President Trump for all your hard work. God Bless You !!

  10. You don't need to explain anything to your son except you won't buy him an electronic gadget by then. An average kid knows how to find info on the net.

  11. The family administration has been a TV show for 4 years. Now the majority of viewers voted in favor of its cancellation.

  12. Who is running ABC news. It's horrible

  13. You guys lost the best president. From Japan

  14. They tried to set me up for my organs They tried to do it to me it’s the cia dod nasa police dapartment the morgue they Clare your a terrorist or a childmolester to keep you under watch at your home job exc and run a gang stalking program but I drink smoked exc even if my organs are bout to fail I just want to say something before I die the news in on it and the military my name is Marie in your naborhood no about it to sad thing is half of my body work even the hospitals in on it plus they traffic you in steal your identity and get you kid napped

    Miami Florida the all seeing eye y’all working with funeral homes forced kill force organs n

  15. Best U.S Prez that he was in terms of performance and dash.Black racialism led by Obama( bin Laden) was advantage Zoo Biden and look the timing ,65 million dollar for his book launch!Mr Trump deserves Nobel Peace prize for bringing peace in middle east

  16. I am Mark Suck errr bore
    I am FB owner

    I am ugly, traitor, narcissistic, and insecure.

    I only stay behind Facebook and keep suspending or blocking people’s account for not even violating the community.

    I am the only billionaire who can’t even get a beautiful hot wife. I am sleepy joe’s lover.

  17. Thank God these people are out.

  18. crooked cheating self centred

  19. Americas worst mistake and nightmare is over! Gee who would've thought a narcistic conman would make such a terrible 'president'?

  20. Good riddance to the f-cked up family.

  21. For the Evangelicals and Republicans, Trump is the chosen, malicious and sex-maniac Demon appointed by their White racist God Jesus to be president. Explain that to your son and you are talking to an Omen possessed by Trump.

  22. You'll be begging him to take office in four years.

  23. Gone with the wind.

    Just like a leaf that has blown away

    Gone with the wind

    My romance has flown away

    Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips

    I've had a lifetime of heaven at my fingertips

    But now all is gone

    Gone is the rapture that thrilled my heart

    Gone with the wind

    The gladness that filled my heart

    Just like a flame

    Love burned brightly then became

    An empty smoke dream that has gone

    Gone with the wind

    But now all is gone

    Gone is the rapture that thrilled my heart

    Gone with the wind

    The gladness that filled my heart

    Just like a flame

    Love burned brightly then became

    An empty smoke dream that has gone

    Gone with the wind

  24. Just remember he cheated his way in!

  25. I can imagine how many women were disappointed when he told them how huge his penis was. Given how disappointing the "wall" he had built compared to what his supporters were expecting. It's going to be HUUUGE!!! Have you seen that scrawny fence. Lol 😂 😂 😂

  26. The first american family deserved an name of …..Losers……

  27. TRUMP 20 TO LIFE!!
    MAGA=My Ass Got Arrested

  28. Worst potus ever in history of human kind

  29. I just came to put a thumbs down. Don't want to hear a word he has to say. He disrespected Biden by not attending the inauguration and then made sure that he had a military send off after what he said about the POWs.


  31. Is he done giving out pardon s

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