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These are the 9 Dayton shooting victims | USA TODAY

We remember the nine lives lost in Dayton, Ohio.
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Nine people were killed and at least 27 people were injured during the August 4 shooting in Dayton, Ohio, police said.

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  2. My condolences to all families who lost their lives ones in Ohio and El Paso from San Antonio

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  5. Life is just so dam unfair! this is horrible. my heart breaks for those whose lives were stolen and for the families and friends who are in mourning and shock right now. May God give you peace,comfort,strength,,and understanding. 🙏💔

  6. Because I so wanted to know… Cretins

  7. What’s wrong with the world today? No, what’s wrong with America today. This type of tragedy is rare outside of the US. America has high powered military grade assault rifles and 100 round clips that any nut job can buy, and politicians who don’t want to put an end to it.

  8. We are inclined to say "rest in peace", but how can that be when each of these individuals has so much to live for? The two people(?) that executed those whom they did not know, those that would have likely come to their aid if required, are only self-consumed . . . complete narcissists. Such a soul-less, self-consumed act. I wish peace for anyone touched by the lives of the innocents. It is so hard to see right now, but I do believe that all things are for a reason. It just takes some time to be able to see it when tragedy strikes in such a magnitude.

  9. Shootings had nothing to do with Race or Color only for Political democrat agendas.

  10. Our hearts goes out to all the victims.

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  12. I don’t understand what this world has come to. And I’m still young, so is this supposed to get worse? Shootings everyday. No stopping it? We are just watching our country beat itself up and it’s truly saddening. I hope Trump and the government will figure out sooner then later that if we don’t make any regulations soon, things are just going to keep getting worse and none of these problems will be solved and more and more innocent human beings will parish.

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