They hold vigils for murdered university students

Police have yet to announce the arrest or motive for the murder of four University of Idaho students, as mourners gathered at ceremonies across the state last night. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii reports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Dude would have got 30 holes in his body if he came near any of my friends smh 🤦‍♂️ stay strapped or you ARE a victim

  2. This case was bungled from the start and now it's going to make it that much harder to solve this crime.

  3. Send in a Psychic ! They often are able to help police solve cases! Use any and all methods to find the killer! 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Too bad there wasn’t any concealed carry involved. Rest In Peace and my condolences to families

  5. America is Earth’s Sinful Cesspool. Expect more mass murders and people going crazy.

  6. Hopefully the killer cased one of the vigils and had some tells. Like in mind hunter 😢

  7. They have no idea.

    That's what he's saying …

    Sadly almost 50% of all murders never get solved

  8. These are the best places to get suspects. It's who's not here and people that are at the front crying the most bringing the candles u need to look out for

  9. It is hard to think that all 4 souls were stabbed to death, and weren’t able to overcome the killer.

  10. We were all wondering if the gorgeous girls were sexually assaulted prior to getting murdered?

  11. Vigils don’t bring nobody back and the dead can’t see ish 😂 y’all just make the families more sad. The dead ain’t there giving out hugs saying “Appreciate you for coming” 🤣🤣

  12. Bet the killer was there. They usually can't help themselves.

  13. House had a secret tunnel that allowed a person to enter undetected.

  14. It's ashame how often this happens smh…..Rest in Peace to the departed and God Bless these families.

  15. So one of the parents just said both of the girls grew up together went to school together and died together in the same bed. However the information the public was given was that all four victims were found in four separate rooms so which is it what the parent just said which means no parent would liar vigil or the police not telling the truth

  16. Where are all these kids going to buy their Percs at now?

  17. So you're telling me that 4 people died and they can't find the guy who did it? Sounds like Idaho police either doesn't know how to investigate or they just have terrible investigators.

  18. If I had any of my children attending this school they would have been brought home and restricted to distance learning as long as the killer was alive and/or loose. 4 murdered students. How can this environment be considered safe for young people; perhaps for faculty as well. Aweful.

  19. Terrible thing to have happened

  20. Sending love and compassion to all the families ❤ from Australia 🇦🇺i hope they find this monster soon 🙏

  21. 👆 – FREE GIRLS IN YOU CITY ❤😘h👩

  22. they say its targeted ,attack but the truth is they are not sure,,,its better to call it a targeted attack so that neighborhood wont panic

  23. The chances are, the killer is at the vigil.