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THINGS TO DO IN LONDON (With your Mum!) // Fashion Mumblr

Things to do in London with your Mumma! Come shopping with me & mum on our early Mother’s Day – a facial, shopping trip, blow dry & afternoon tea!
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I’ve worked with Michael Kors to promote their Mother’s Day range across my Instagram & this vlog includes an advertorial with them!


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  1. Your mum is so lovely it was really nice watching you both. As I live in Paris and love coming to London if you have others tips or advices on good places to have a nice time in London please share it I would love to watch it.

  2. What a wonderful video: a day with your Mom. I enjoyed seeing all the fun things you both were enjoying. Great idea giving her a bag for Mother's Day. I would like to see more videos of you shopping with and for your Mom. Great video.

  3. So beautiful flowers …
    Your dressing gown is so beautiful, too!

  4. I'll possibly take my mother on a little trip to London next year, so I would love to see other videos of this kind by you as a sort of inspiration for how to make the trip something special with one or two cute details.

  5. Such a lovely video.What a great day you two have had, very nice indeed. Hugs all the way from Greece 🇬🇷💞

  6. Hello Josie….. enjoyed your day out with your Mumma……please can you do a styling vlog with your Mum as I'm probably nearer to her age than yours…. It would be great to see her in different styled outfits x

  7. Your mum look so healthy and strong that's how mums should be but that shop that gave you both gift I can't say much for Reading it's very very quiet over here.

  8. My most favorite video, your mother is so cute!!!
    When I'm with my mom, we like to go shopping at downtown and giving her a mani/pedi at home 😀

  9. Anyone's know which background music is played..

  10. I hope you purchased those MK sunglasses! Looking Good!

  11. Thank you for sharing your Mother's Day I always take Mom out for dinner, I have several gifts for her, out fits as well & flowers & a corsage for her wrist .I never took Mom for a Spa day perhaps I will this year Thank you ( Judy )

  12. Your mum is adorable! I love this video!!💖💖💖

  13. muy hermoso y elegante todo, Saludos desde Argentina .

  14. that was sweet having ur mom with u…very nice video…thanks for sharing

  15. 🌸Oh Josie! This was my favorite video!!! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️
    I'm a woman in my prime like your mom and this was a bucket list day for me!!!
    My daughter graduates 🎓 from high school in two years and her dream is to travel to London for a holiday with me.
    You made her dream seem so real today.
    The fkowers🌸🌸
    The perfect girl time …. 🛍👛📗fashion, 🙋🏼🙋🏼facials fabulous hair styles!!! Fantastic tea ☕️☕️💐🌼🌸🌺🍓🍥🍨🍮🥂🍽🍽party.

    I 💞loved the scarf your mom looked at while shopping. Her style is simply elegant. I loved Her in the tiny shot of her simply in the white long sleeve shirt and ooooh wow if she tried on the long scarf she touched oooooh la la mama!!!

    Josie could you make a make up video with your mom. Putting on perfect products for us ladies in our prime 👸🌸🙋🏼🤗

    Could you make a vlog of your mama trying products that release those fine lines above our lips 👄 and around our eyes and review them and tell us the difference you see. Also I've always wondered about demabrasion. I don't think I spelled that right but any🤗 skin treatments. Would mama please show us her (and your opinion) after having them.

    Gosh Josie my daughter and I have soooooo many of your lovely productions vlogs. We adore the artistic way you edit. We adore your voice and style. We are very!!! Excited to see more vlogs w u and your mama

  16. This was beautiful from start to finish 💐. Definite mom and daughter goals 👍🏽

  17. Please tell me what is the first soundtrack?

  18. Wooowww…how sweet !!!😄😄😄😄😄

  19. Loved this video! I so miss my Mum we took so many trips together and she lived in Florida with me. The standing joke was who’s paying for lunch??
    Just a thought, you should have a “how to dress your Mum” for us closer to her age!!
    Josie you are a amazing daughter such a lovely Mother’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️😘

  20. Your mum is a real sweetheart. I loved watching your day out. Your massage looked wonderful as did your sexy hair. And the meal after, what a perfect ending to a beautiful day : ) xo

  21. Please, do more videos with your mom!!!! B she's absolutely stunning, and I have always wished for the type of relationship that the two of you share!!

  22. About to subscribe, not long stumbled upon your site and its just lovely. Watched this one with your mum and have to say your mums hair looked lovely in her own style. Your mums hair looks very fine so needs lots of volume as I’m sure she knows. At the beginning when we first see mum, the hair looks full and had volume, after the salon treatment it was very flat. Sometimes the way we do our own hair is best. I’m coming to London soon so thanks for the tips on where to go.

  23. Thank you Josie! Hello from Wisconsin, your mom is so sweet. I love her taste in clothes too. I really like her eye glasses. What a wonderful day for you both. You both seem such close friends as well as mother and daughter. I'm so thankful for my mother too she was 91 last month. Love your Chanel dearie 🙂

  24. I'm catching up on past videos, I love how your mom's hair turned out (re: the blow dry) she's so adorable. Thank you for treating your mom so good! I loved watching this video!

  25. So lovely! What a splendid day you had with your mum! My mum and I would enjoy having high tea together all over the world, and travelling, until just a few years ago now. She's now too old (92) to do much of anything sadly, and is getting forgetful, but she has a lifetime full of memories. One special memory was when she took my sister and I to Paris, just the three of us! We had a ball, and I was 5 months pregnant! Had to run out once from the Louvre with am sickness! What fun we had~

  26. Hello! Im new to your channel, I loved this vlog, your mama is very sweet, it made me want to spend more girly time with my mum 😊💕 regars from Mexico!

  27. You two looked so serene after your massages. Mothering Day gift score, to be sure! 😉

  28. Lovely to see you having some special time with your Mum. Celebrate the time you all have with your Mums. My lovely Mummy passed away 1st March 2018 x

  29. Don’t buy Michael kors it’s for poor people who live on estates

  30. Your Mom is adorable! And you are such a good daughter, may God bless you!

  31. Love ur video! Michael kors and Ted Baker collections are so much worse in the US . Such a shame. Can't wait to go to Europe for shopping 😀❤️❤️❤️

  32. Take your mum to Romford. It has more shops than anywhere else in east London, a market, ice rink, museum, cinemas, award winning parks, loads of eateries, bars and pubs, entertainment venues, and it's reachable by TFL Rail, London Overground, numerous buses, Central and District lines via a bus, and there's tons of parking too. Go on, take your mum to Romford, The Capital Of East London, she'll love it!!

  33. What a lovely video with your mother !!

  34. Loved this video. Looks like so much fun!

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