This is a very clever propaganda move from the left: Miranda Devine

NY Post columnist Miranda Devine and SentinelOne chief security adviser Morgan Wright discuss the White House wanting to keep a watchful eye on Twitter on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. Who in fbi doj cia has is doing this (name them)

  2. You have access to alot info tell us who is are the establishment (names) someone is leading this someone is coodinating and financing this assault on musk

  3. That is why the left wants to remove the 2nd Amend so it will be much easier to remove the 1st Amend. 😅

  4. "That's rich coming from McCarthy", he is on tape suggesting social platforms shut down accounts of people who say things they don't like" "What a mouth merger that was with the lies" "He's also anti maga, no on speakership! Thats why he has opposition because WE don't want him there! Didn't want Paul Ryan either.

  5. You know that the major MEDIA ARE TOILETS, so do not be surprised at the CENSORSHIT

  6. Miranda is a voice for TRUTH. Pray for her, while remembering Dorothy Kilgallen.

  7. The topic is of international import. STUPID, COMPROMISED Kevin McCarthy is the LAST person anyone should have at the forefront of the remedial policies.

  8. American journalists are now in the same category as mafiosi. Are there mafiosi who are not evil? Yes, a few, but the news media has done MUCH more harm to America than the mafia ever did.

  9. Dictators in panic , just from a possibility of the free speech platform.

  10. The left owns all the it makes sense to attack any disent .just like in China. *.

  11. The Democrats are the "Mafia of Politics" and the Republicans are their little lapdogs sitting unde the dinner table, waiting for the scraps that fall from their masters' plates.

  12. The Democrat's sychophants are the Stepchildren of Goebbels's….. Democrat's fascist

  13. Those reporters are on the payroll of the deep state

  14. I am starting to truly distrust anyone involved in the Federal Government.Such greedy power hungry people.The DOJ and the FBI are really a reality check of who they really serve and it is not the average American citizen.They only serve the rich and affluent.

  15. What? Fox is worried about free speech and the first amendment? That is not possible, they let go of free speech when they devoted themselves to Trump. It became, 'if Trump approves it, then it's free speech". Tell me it ain't so.

  16. "Existential" is used too too much. Kind of triggers skepticism

  17. during the 1960's we had a big problem or heated debate about the CIA working with journalists and using them to put out disinformation or suppression of news ! people in journalism were also working as spies ! it was all billed as being Patriotic and helping your country ! the CIA also recruited on college campuses which caused a BIG STINK !

  18. You can tell when they lie! Their lips move

  19. Since when does the corrupt FBI run American politics, & why is the Republican party so reserved on overhauling the system???

  20. Says fox propaganda. 😂😂🤡


  22. In case no one has noticed but the right is constantly on the defensive from the right. There is no way we can beat the radical left this way.

  23. LMAO have you heard your hero wants to terminate the whole Constitution. More to get away with.

  24. Musk is doing the opposite of all other BigTech. 1. He's fully engaged constantly with the users 2. He's being extremely transparent. 3. He's developing a real town hall and is taking the company private so he only answers to the users, not the board or shareholders. And there are plenty of us old school engineers who would love to fill seats on his projects. When you hire genZ you are most likely hiring an arrogant communist as several ppl admitted to being one there. GenX coders keep it professional and aren't so stupid that they would even entertain sending a list of demands to the new (or old for that matter) owner. That's not how it works.

  25. Elon Musk is not threatening anyone! He's defending truth! They don't like truth and are offended.

  26. We don't say "the truth is what they say it is" we say they think the truth is whatever!