Wednesday , August 10 2022

This is going to be fought out in the courts: Former EPA administrator

Former EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler reacts to the Manchin-Schumer bill giving EPA $5 million to enforce ESG reporting on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Democrats only love the
    Supreme Court and Courts that voted the way the Democrats
    Socialist want !

  2. What's up with these "I just woke up" hair-dos"? The money is for 87K IRS agents and 5 million immigrants.

  3. None of this will affect the future climate situation, but it will affect the bank accounts of everyday Americans negatively, and the peoples bank accounts of those who are for this spending positively.

  4. Explore carbon sequestration for coal power plants…
    just pump the carbon deep into the earth.

  5. When Joe Manchin caved America took it on the CHIN
    Trump 47
    Save America

  6. NO to the Schmuck SCHUMER/MANCHIN Bill. SELL-OUTs🙏🇺🇸

  7. In less than 2 years of puppet biden
    1. They got 80 billion for IRS mass expansion.
    2. They passed a bill tracking ALL cash transactions $600 or more.
    3. They passed a bill for the start of a Federal reserve crypto currence to eventually replace paper and coin currency. Which they can trace every transaction.
    4. They just passed a law laying the foundation for the green new deal putting mayor restrictions on fossil fuel production.
    What's NEXT??? Internment camps?
    Will we even be free by the next presidential election????

  8. Dont trust Manchin..the only reason hes in office because we dont have big people to run against him wv..they cant afford the lengths he goes campaigning..but he and capito are rigging our election in wv and have done it for years..we need a great candidate to run against manchin and capito..they need to go..closet Democrats..NEVER TRUST JOE MANCHIN HE IS A SNAKE

  9. Can we trust anything – including the courts?

  10. I will bet that, AS USUAL, BEFORE they VOTED on it, few if ANY of our "beloved" Congressional Legislatures even READ THIS BILL! Why, time and again, do We The People, collectively, ELECT into office, these JUDAS politicians who care not a wit about protecting our interests? [And, please: spare us the KRAP about the elections were stolen. OF COURSE, some — MANY? — were STOLEN. But, such would not have happened, if, during the last several decades, WE The People made it crystal clear that such criminal activity would not tolerate!!]

  11. For you youngins' out there, when Larry says "that's a lot of hooey," that means a load of BS.

  12. Ecologists have said CO2 in 15 years is less than less than one per cent. No plan no technology has been created for this money making scheme of green. Lithium batteries can't be recycled so they will be buried and then seep into the ground. Green hurts the air more than clean renewable fossil fuels. Researching it fossil fuels are renewable it was changed to steak American taxpayer money. Biden has been grifting energy for years is this just about getting kickbacks to WEF. These nutjobs of WEF have been ordering Biden and Canada to push green fir this ESG. Spot on with your thoughts. It's all bunk to hurt America while Russia and China economy is booming and they reject WEF bullcrap. Hungary President talk at CPAC was awesome and states this. His economy is booming and using renewable fossil fuels.

  13. also all that wasteful spending (as usual) lol could be used instead for struggling low and fixed income adults (including seniors, vetrens and disabled) who are highly affected by inflation while Congress doesn't know how it feels to struggle in one of the worse times in history of our country. 🤔


  15. Apples and oranges. The 45 MM doesn't change the EPA's authority in any way, so has nothing to do with the Supreme Court ruling (which I agreed with). Once again, this reporting is just stupid.

  16. Fought in the courts? Why not just vote no on the bill?

  17. Joe Biden and all his fellow Democratic Party all belong in Prison and not in the White House . They have Committed TREASON !
    Crimes Against Humanity !

  18. I will add senator's to my last statement

  19. Is there no way to recall a Congress man/woman like Florida's DA?

  20. most Goppers are Lawyers first then go for the big bucks in Political favors $$$$$

  21. Lol, it cracks me up how true that is, that some intellectual wise dudes think they're so wise, and they obviously became fools, when they try so hard for their own personal gain to convenience ignorant people that the world is over heating, so even if it was, their foolish steps they're taking is useless, it only helps a few of them, but the majority of society is starting to pay the price of the catastrophe these fools are creating a cross the world.

  22. The lead poisoning of children due to old lead pipe in school water systems was supposed to be fixed by the infrastructure bill.

  23. Never ever vote for a democrat.

  24. A New World Order agenda for socialist party and Klaus Swahuabe agenda

  25. Oh dear, spend money on improving the environment humans live in when there are snail darters that might be crowded in rivers.