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This is how El Paso sees Beto O'Rourke | USA TODAY

The El Paso native has fought President Trump’s negative portrayal of the border city, but what do residents really think of their hometown presidential hopeful?
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Across El Paso, O’Rourke is widely considered a beloved celebrity, the hometown rocker-turned-presidential-hopeful who has fought President Donald Trump’s negative portrayal of his border city, heralded immigrants’ rights and stood by residents after last month’s deadly mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart.

But to some here, O’Rourke is remembered as someone who sided with developers while on the City Council and was ready to displace dozens of Latino residents in the name of redevelopment – a far cry from the progressive persona he exudes on the campaign trail. Others say he has simply lost some of the sheen he radiated when he ran against Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz last year.

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  1. Beto is a clown 🤡 at best . he should not be representing anyone or anything get the fraud out of politics. Vote red Texas .

  2. Anyone notice this predator chose the pretty girls

  3. 1) I would never vote for someone that hates this country the way he does.
    2) El Paso may love him but anyone I've talked to thinks he's 100% dork.
    3) It doesn't really matter anyway; his laughably naive gun rhetoric makes him look like a silly little boy.

  4. Beta O'Dourke seems mentally unstable.

  5. He has less than1%of the vote for the democrats president run so he is not going to be making it .he should go and run for president in Mexico he has a much better odds to win their vote then he has here in America .

  6. People need to realize he showing signs of hate in him and that's bad don't suppose hate but these people don't understand that

  7. He has a very strong resemblance to Butthead. Check out the meme that's floating around.

  8. This is proof the MSM is full of shat

  9. HELL YES where coming for your AR-15 and AK-47 – Robert Francis O’Rourke

  10. He just some tyrannical guy

  11. The government needs to address reparations, and granting new homes for the millions of homosexuals, transgenders, transvestites, freaks and and queers who have been wronged in this country!

  12. Make sure you run out to the nearest gun shop and buy a foreign made assault riffle so that an american gun company can file for bankruptcy. That's what every red blooded patriotic american would do.

  13. The thumbs down on this video says it all

  14. Literally every top comment here is bashing USA TODAY for doing a "puff piece" on Beto? If you watched more than 15 seconds of it you'll see this is completely the opposite of a puff piece -_-

  15. Excuse me? He believes in an all-out gun ban and open borders, he is DEFINITELY not moderate nor has become more moderate at all

  16. Dude, drop out, run for senate, please

  17. CNN and MSNBC just reported! Gun sales up 400 percent!

  18. CNN and MSNBC just reported! Beto dropped out of race!!

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