Wednesday , August 10 2022

'This' is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: Sen. Lummis

Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., weighs in on record-high energy prices and the bipartisan gun control legislation bill.

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  1. President Trump gave us Energy Independence, a Great Economy, Secure Borders and No New Wars.

  2. The US is sinking like the Titanic and the progressive left is the iceberg. Getting the picture yet? It’s way past time to run these people out of our country!

  3. Time to bring back public hanging

  4. This administration all needs to go ~ or nothing will change

  5. All good true blue Americans must get out and vote November. We must vote out all of these Democrats that are in office and do not let any more in. They are a Cancer! A cancer that is killing our country! Please go out and vote do your duty this November and make sure the Democrat Party is silenced. It is time to put our country back into the hands of responsible adults and take it away from the wacko children of the Democrat Party. Joe Biden is insane and there are too many spineless followers.

  6. Granholm needs to go Her green energy is reaching south america and how they do things. WE deserve better than her deadly policies here and abroad.

  7. The higher you climb 🧗🏿‍♀️ the longer you fall and then the hardest you will hit the bottom.



  10. Neil Cavuto was against President Trump. Hoping he’s happy now in this disaster. That said, Senator Lummis would make a great president. Thank you, Senator! No thanks to the anti-Trumpers.

  11. Enough of the talking and complaining.Even Folks that don't understand economics sure do understand their pockets and stomachs are empty. November cannot come soon enough!

  12. Biden is a traitor who has not held up and protected the Constitution, an oath that he took.
    He must be impeached now, tried and convicted. Then punished to the extreme.

  13. FJB. November is coming. No amount of smoke and mirrors holds a candle to the destruction inflicted by JB and his Swamp Thing puppet masters from day one. Thanks a lot jerks. I vote my wallet. Poo Tin was under control and had no influence until the swampies and their puppet destroyed our advantages. FJB. Novermber is coming. VOTE RED.

  14. Whenever I hear a titanic correlation I listen!

  15. Biden is against everything that America stands for HE NEEDS TO GET OUT AND THE DEMOCRATS GIVING THE ORDERS

  16. She hit the nail on the head and was right on point.

  17. That will put it right under $5 where I am in Washington
    Where are the smart advisers? Aren't some of the Clintons people still around?

  18. The onley way to explain the Biden economy is a titanic failure.

  19. I’m moving to Wyoming

  20. What about the breathing ban on federal land that suppose to be upholded by the Supreme Court ?

  21. All gun laws are unconstitutional, period…

  22. Biden is not calling the shots the Democratic party is they're just using him the cause all this pain

  23. He does what he is told to do! Can't you tell? His mind is damaged!

  24. Keep telling the truth Cynthia!

  25. Not the answer you wanted Neil?2A🇺🇲

  26. Here Here Senator!!🇺🇲

  27. Let's go Brandon..! Trump…the Man

  28. Biden is the real bestfriend of putin.🤣🤣

  29. Who decided who is dangerous? Maybe the Republicans? Lets ask Democrats if the bill passes!

  30. Biden's Great Transition code for Green New Deal is a boondoggle to make the USA a Land of the Eletes and poor !

  31. Thanks Lady Please keep up the good work

  32. All that a tax holiday will do is add to the debt. Of course the Democrats are MORE than happy to use your money to bribe you. The plan to forgive student loan debt is another great example of this.

  33. Hard to believe this fool won the election….🤡

  34. The reason that Biden is so interested in assisting young people with gender reassignment is that he was a woman in a former life. A Mexican woman. His name was Elle Stupeedo.

  35. People keep saying "And the American People Know It". How is that possible when 35% of "the people" think Biden is doing a good job?

  36. Democracy is based on our personal effort for a moral prosperous system that give rights and obligations for all without favoritism. Those who have never made an effort for anything are laying down laws to seize honest money and hand it over to the gangsters. We have the inmoral data of these people and there is no time to discuss the undeniable.

  37. Right on Senator Lummis, glad that you are advocating for Ted's bill!

  38. This is so sad that the president's answer is to offer people a meager .18 cents off on over 5 dollars a gallon. What an awful slap in the face. This is just making it worse.

  39. Bottom line is WE WERE ENERGY INDEPENDENT when bidon took office and if he had kept it that way, Putin’s war wouldn’t have affected us at all. HE DID THIS!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  40. Which wells in America are being stopped by Vlad? They are such a stoopid bunch of Cons in the Whitehouse Putin did NOTHING To affect any American Fuel suppliers. It’s not like the fuel had to come out of Ukraine to feed American refineries … there was plenty of Fuel when Joey took the top job ITS ALL ON HIM AND HIS POISON PEN ! ! !

  41. What the hell is the dam point to this?

  42. Biden and Nancy pelosi remind me of skeleton and evil Lynn. Wtf are those two clowns doing.