This will be ‘damning’ for the Justice Department: GOP rep.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., on the importance of the House using the power of the purse to limit the FBI’s funding. #FOXBusiness

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  1. You aren't doing that. You are still giving democrats what they want.

  2. Hahahahahah this channel wouldn't survive any other industrialized country 😅 just unreal

  3. Fox still got this crazy lying woman on

  4. How much corruption and stolen money will disappear for on $3.5 billion

  5. Defund the POS agencies‼️

  6. WTF kinda crap are you people making up?

  7. What's the real background? Fire and Brimstone?

  8. Top Elephants keep trying to appear relevant on a goveremt that despises it's very existence. They are afraid of fracturing the governing departments that keep evadimg yheir oversight. They are agraid to deny or cut😅 spending to create an impasse

  9. That would be a good savings for the tax payers because the FBI isn't doing their jobs at the top anyways. FBI would be a good start at making the Government smaller. Each State has it own police force that can do a better job at investigations.

  10. TRUMP / Lake 2024 !!!!!!

  11. Omg I'm shocked by the criminal govt's world wide …Old people still working ..So ashamed💔💔💔😥

  12. Wasting USA Dollars They don't know anything, they can't answer any questions Out with the Correct 🐺🐺🐺 💯💯 💯

  13. Put a Grand Jury Together and charge Wray with Obstruction of Justice. That cocksucker belongs in Jail. We all know the Contempt of Congress charge means nothing whatsoever.

  14. You work for us We The People want You the 🐺🐺🐺 Out we The People are not willing to pay for your correct work Out With you now 💯

  15. I don’t understand why or how the democrats are able to charge Trump with Indictments yet right now we have a corrupt President yet there are still no charges against him. Why is that ? Do Republicans not have lawyers that know the law? Or is is it a lack of Balls ?

  16. WRAY is totally lawless and corrupt…
    He needs to go….TO JAIL.

  17. No need to listen. The title parrots the republican mantra. "It will be … because we're gonna … "
    Republican action items are like predictions about fusion power plants … they are just around the corner, and have been for decades. When are the republicans going to impeach FJB … for real, instead of just jabbering about what they're "gonna" do … someday … maybe …

  18. Sensible citizens need involvement in their city, county and town councils, zoning boards, school boards, precinct committeemen, election polls, legislators and Gov agencies. The positions pay well and can help make change.