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Timeline of Dayton shooting becomes clearer with new images, video

Surveillance video and images show Connor Betts arriving in the area of the shooting with his sister and a friend at around 11 p.m., about two hours before the shooting began, according to officials.




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  1. He did well, may he RIP.

  2. I get chills by the fact he was killed before he could even get to the door

  3. This is fake news coz white liberals and angry feminists told me that gun control works and prevents this kind of shit…

  4. Maybe all these people missing something in their brain that why they don’t think and shoot his owe sister

  5. I have to say he’s hideously ugly looking lol

  6. Y does the time stamp wen the cops start shooting say 12.40 if it happens at 105

  7. God I love these police.

  8. Pls bring kids from the west here for 1 year so that the knw how blessed they r. y y y y u can't give life y take it 😢😭😭😭😭😭

  9. If police were not there at the time, the death toll would of been about 50-70 range. Easily

  10. Please, this tragedy is already grotesque enough–don't add to it by knowingly and wantonly dishonoring one of the victims!
    He killed his BROTHER, not his sister!

    The mistakes of the original reporting are understandable, given the closeted circumstances surrounding the situation. However, as the clarification was reported as far back as the 8th of August, such inaccurate reporting has to be read as intentional. It is well established from context and subsequent information the sibling of the shooter preferred masculine pronouns, and his wishes should be respected!

    (Granted, I'm writing this to an institution that insists on airing every bit of video footage they can find surrounding the tragedy, despite having NO beneficial value.

    That said, even macabre exhibitionism, while grotesque in its own right, is still not quite as ghoulish as intentionally ignoring the simplest of tributes to a victim of such a tragedy.)

    I wish I could say I expected better, but…I'm not sure I did.

  11. He was a coward and will always be remembered as a coward. I really wish our media would stop allowing the names, pictures and any information about these coward incel shooters known to anyone. They don’t deserve this attention even in death and it makes other loser cowards like them think I can be famous like that guy.

  12. Its the parents who did not raise their kids on Biblical principles. If these two brother and sister knew about Jesus they would have not caused this mess. Parents have a big hand making their kids who they are.

  13. Y’all ever notice how all the mass shootings in this country came from WHITE men?

  14. when did he kill his sister

  15. People die from alcohol or tobacco who gives a fuck someone dies from a gun lets
    ban guns hi cap mags ammo any gun with a magazine

  16. Every news channel saying the same thing! Al scripted

  17. Conner sounds like a Mass shooters name

  18. Another loser in American history. And more proof the system is a joke.

  19. Was the shooter and his sister's friend able to survive?

  20. He probably had a hard life no siblings no mother probably was bullied had no girl friend no friends no father.

  21. I was wondering when Democrats would start killing cops. Such bullshit. Maxine Waters your a fucking pig not human.

  22. The government cannot overcome bad parenting

  23. Classic trump 1984 false flag.

  24. If he wasn't stopped when he was he would have killed so many more.


  26. Sicko, simply an insane sicko!!! But he was okay to sell all those weapons to. Hmmm, I wonder why???

  27. On 9-20 there won't be no cameras at erea 51.they have new teck to prevent anything from working to film

  28. How about that, there's surveillance video and images from MULTIPLE cameras and angles of a shooting that occurred in public but there's NO surveillance at ALL of the supposed "suicide" of the HIGHEST profile inmate locked up in America who was in a NYC Federal jail within a special segregated housing unit that had EXTRA security…

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