Thursday , August 11 2022

TIMES HAVE CHANGED // Fashion Mumblr Vlogs

A Dream Lunch At Thyme, and a helicopter experience at Goodwood races!
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Valentino raffia rockstuds –
Soru earrings –

Seraphina blush maxi dress –

Elemis Pro-Collagen Morning Matrix –
Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm –
Elemis Cleansing Micellar Water –
Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak –
Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask –
Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser –

Thyme homeware –

Alexandra Miro swimsuit –
Alexandra Miro skirt –

Holland Cooper knitted vest –
Holland Cooper ruffle blouse –

Zuvi hairdryer –

Summer Fever book –

Face Halo – [USE CODE JOSIE FOR 20% OFF]

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Dyson Supersonic –

00:00 – Intro
02:23 – Morning Skincare
08:30 – OOTD
09:08 – Nails & Thyme
16:17 – Foraging
19:03 – New Deliveries
23:00 – Thyme Haul
28:40 – Evening Skincare
30:45 – Goodwood Festival
36:18 – Sky VIP & Zuvi Hairdryer Thoughts

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  1. Enjoyed the blog Josie. Wanted to ask if the elemis 25%discount counts for people abroad?

  2. I love the elemis glow primer use it every day sometimes on its own makes your skin look youthful love there products. Thanks for the blog josie x

  3. Hi Josie, you have a way of doing an ‘unboxing’ of veggies look so good! Thanks for the beautiful videography of the gardens and your visit to Thyme. Your car is gorgeous and unique ! it’s so interesting because I thought of you hoping you would stay safe with your picking of flowers by the roadsides , as where I live, there’s a public warning of the giant hogweed that has invaded areas near us. Here’s to a speedy recovery to your and Charlie’s family members. 💐❤️🇨🇦

  4. Hello LL !! Lol as u left she was peeking out the door!
    Hugs from Texas

  5. I think that cow wanted to be on camera!

  6. Ask Lydia about the hairdryer – she’s using one at the moment I think

  7. Can you get Sky in America?

  8. Sky – it’s interesting talking of Dyson. We have a Dyson outsize. Love it. Worth every penny. I bought my eldest daughter a Shark. A 1/3 of the price. BUT the shark is so basic in comparison to the Dyson. One battery, TINY bin collection, 3 tools. It would be useless for us (2 bed, large family room and 2 bathrooms let alone a cat and one enormous white labour) my daughter on the other hand has a large one bed flat so it’s fine for her even if the bin needs emptying half way through…. Xxx

  9. Hope your Mom and Charlie’s family member are doing better. Beautiful vlog

  10. Definitely using the the 25% off josie your a star …of to elemis for some shopping 😁

  11. It’s good to know your mum has you both.❤️

  12. Say. Love your presentation.

  13. Wow your garden is looking truly beautiful. Could you please show us the garden at night, so we can see the new lights 🤞😍. Lots of gentle healing prayers for La La 🙏💕. I worked a lot in that area, once healed she will have a new lease of life 💞. I think you look absolutely beautiful makeup free, and natural hair 💕. Sky 🌌.

  14. Hi there! Wondering where your robe at the beginning of the video is from? It's so beautiful! 'sky' Thanks!

  15. SKY. I love it when you visit Thyme… it is a magical place. I purchased that vege garden table cloth and napkins last week and they should be arriving soon. It is our life to a "T". When we come to England next, visiting Thyme is at the top of my list. I enjoy seeing the country side of England as you travel about. Hope your Mom and family members are feeling better soon. Your border garden is outstanding. I just added lupines to mine and they are doing well.

  16. Sky 👍👍😊💗

  17. Thoughts and prayers going out to your family members in the hospital. 💕🙏🏻
    Your vlogs are always pleasant and positive to watch. 🌈
    Have a wonderful day!

  18. Do hope your mama will recover fully very soon. The same applies to Charlie's relation.

  19. Josie don’t worry look after yourselves and your family. Wish Charlie’s family member well. Xxxx

  20. It is a beautiful blog. The visit to Thyme was enchanting!

    I wish your Mum and Charlie’s family member a speedy recovery to good health.

    Sky does treat all its members as VIP.

  21. Beautiful content Josie 👏🏼✨👏🏼✨👏🏼 ITS SO NICE THAT YOU MIX HOME,GARDEN AND FASHION. All the beautiful places you show in the UK has inspired me to take a trip ✈️ and visit your country THANK YOU GREAT JOB ✨🙏🏼✨

  22. Hi Josie ! I stumbled upon
    Your channel and I haven’t stopped appreciating all your vlogs 😊Watching them all The way from here in Africa(The City of Luanda -Angola 🇦🇴. Bravo !

  23. The floral dress, beautiful Josie! I noticed you wearing it in Lydia's vlog, and thought how beautiful you looked.x 😊

  24. Do y’all ever attend that church? Is it possible for you to show us a sneaky peak of the interiors and exteriors? Sorry I’m an American… my church is only 160-ish years old, I love to see y’all’s really really old ones over there.

  25. My your kitchen garden is really epic Josie. Wish Lala well with her knee operation. Oh Josie being in a helicopter has always been one of my dreams! Your so lucky. Xxxx

  26. I saw your beautiful self walk behind Lydia in her video lol~ your hard to miss darling! Like a blonde Goddess walking by ;). I love all that you share with us so thank you thank you thank you!!

  27. I hope everyone that has been in hospital is doing well.. and you need not apologize for caring for your lovely family. 💕🤗

  28. With the salvia – looks beautiful 🥰

  29. Hi Josie. That bunch of greens you got from Thyme looks like Swiss Chard.

  30. With the salvia I prefer Josie. Love the little kiss you gave to Dexter 🐶 and the way he followed you! 🐕 So lovely.x 😊

  31. You should've done outfit of the day with Charlie in the sky tv event, i like his jacket

  32. I will repeat-you are the hardest worker in everything you do, from gardening to showing us your lovely clothes hauls, and even to setting up beautiful tablescapes in your most incredible yard! Thank you so much for all that you do; you deserve all the success in the world!

  33. This is one of your most cinematic vlogs. Please keep these garden vlogs coming 🙂!

  34. Praying for your Mum’s recovery. Sending love and healing💕

  35. OMG Josie you’re putting moisturiser on your neck!! Well done 👍 (or am I being particularly blind and missing you doing before?) 😂

  36. Yes I think the vase looks great with the Salvia❣️🤩

  37. Watching Lydia’s vlog yesterday and I saw a woman walk down the steps behind her while she was vlogging and I thought, that looks like Josie, classic Josie style off the shoulder dress.

  38. I spotted you in the background on Lydia’s vlog at Thyme so I was really looking forward to your video as I knew you’d be vlogging there too ! 🥰

  39. Hi Josie, i always note that you tend not to put any skincare product on your upper lip. I don't know if it only happens when you're filming. But please don't forget that area as the skin there is also thin and prone to early signs of aging. I know, coz I'm nearly 48. Only looking out for you 🙂

  40. My husband is very disappointed that you didn’t start the beginning of the vlog with good morning my darlings 😂 he listens out for it every time I say that I’m watching Josie haha

  41. Josie you captured Thyme beautifully xxx Lots of love to your family members who are poorly and recovering x

  42. So happy to see your video today! I start looking as soon as I get up. Love your gardens. Wow I was up Sunday night early Monday am also. My miniature and standard schnauzers pushed the brick out from under the fence gate and ran away. Didn't know my standard could fit under the gate!. Well got them home safe by 4:30a then the burrs had to be cut out, both needed baths. Finally by 6a tried to lay back down, no luck! Had all these plans to work in my yard! Very little got done, today rested and work to do. Company over the weekend, celebrating our independence day !

  43. Raining here in Scotland ☹️. Lovely to see the sunshine where you are. Beautiful garden.

  44. Yay another relaxing day with Josie 🥰

  45. Your vlogs are like vacation🥺