To forgive payments ‘is wrong’: Jason Chaffetz

Former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz and former labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder discuss how the White House is scaling back on student loan bailout as 7 states sue on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. Its is a business education investment… Businesses go bankrupt, bailed out and or restructure all the time. Well?…. You will lose if you are not fair to all!

  2. The Left are just buying votes with our tax dollars. Should be criminal, hell it probably is. But laws don't count anymore.

  3. Why not forgive loans at this point, they are unilaterally paying over 100 billion at this point for you krane. Might as well. Money printer go burrrr.

  4. If Trump was President in 2003, the Iraq war wouldn't had happened.

  5. Of course, any normality is better than global insanity! The time is right for confrontations when "having' is trying to swallow 'being'. It is indispensable for Humanism to win: all the power associated with competitive sports and personal achievements are to enter the fields where actions take place. This should not be linked with illegal proceeds, as per woke followers. Confrontation is positive with a capacity to step in and out of it: win-win only occurs when a wider picture gets embraced. It is appreciated that challenging anti Government commenrts are prominent at present, but if they persist after a victory, it is only the beginning of another cycle of political ping pong games. We should see aims and purposes to be part of a genuine campaign followed up by meeting commitments. Politics have never been a science and this is demonstrated now more than ever since the pulse of Nations can be felt and investigated at the touch of a keyboard.

  6. During Trump's tenure, the national debt increased by 39 percent. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the second highest of any president in history. The highest deficits accrued under Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Donald Trump, Republican George W. Bush and Republican Ronald Reagan. 10 of 11 US recessions between 1953 and the present began under Republican presidents.

  7. The last comment – if we can get some republicans in congress we can begin to work on the spending and debt – no you can't. Both sides spend more than they should. There are maybe 5 people in congress that would close a number of government agencies that have no constitutional right to exist yet both parties spend more and more every year.

  8. They'd use this cliche' 'too big to fail' as justification for bailout but you know what, when something- govt, financial entities etc- is too big they're destined to failure. Pres Biden would forgive 20K student loans for most, but then took back his initial vows and now would say some pockets of those recipients would be exempt or ineligible. Equity issue pops up.

  9. Forgiven debt is taxable income anyway.

  10. They are not forgiving the college debt! They are simply putting that debt on the backs of the U S Taxpayers. It is not legal and this should be on its way to the SCOTUS before the mid terms.

  11. Get the Federal Government out of financing student debt, that’s what we have banks for!

  12. Pretty much everything Biden does is wrong


  14. Let’s Prosecute Politicians robbing PPP too 🤑🤑🤮🤮

  15. Only a lowlife would accept something that directly adds to the debt and inflation and takes away from Americans. People signed an agreement to pay their loans back so pay back your own F’ing loan.

  16. To send Ukraine 80 billion dollars from unwilling taxpayers is wrong as well, didn't stop it from happening, forgiveness of student loans may be wrong, but they should get that forgiveness 😉

  17. they know they have a problem in court challenges. They cut back the consolidated where the original loan was to private companies.

  18. the BIBLE has a 1000 parables about forgiving debts of different amounts and by different groups..
    obviously this program is illegal..but as far as being WRONG.. Biblically its actually ok

  19. What's the mystery here? Tax, spend, need to spend more, tax more, create new taxes. Just watch any department secretary, official, or President Knucklehead. There answer to any question is ''well, we've set aside #$%^ billion dollars, we've spent over a trillion dollars on this or that. No solutions. For them, expenditure is the solution. Policy, planning and a goal are the elements required but are absent.

  20. If that's true, then forgiving IRS debt or forgiving debt in bankructy courts is wrong as well. What about the waste of a half trillion dollars a year in interest paid for on the federal debt you voted for. What about the Bible and the Jubilee year where all debts were forgiven? JASON, I now regret having ever voted for you. You're a hypocrite like all politicians past or present.

  21. The way these idiots preach, you would think Milton Friedman was in the Book of Acts…

  22. I recomend to look on YouTube, "Davy Crockett Not Yours to Give Speech." Is a must watch video…it is the perfect explanation of this situation

  23. It’s an upside down world…..stupefying

  24. Hold that attitude when people are being bailout because they don’t have the right insurance for floods or hurricanes! They are responsible for have that item. It’s their responsibility to have the proper coverage. I don’t won’t to have to help them out or have to pay higher insurance cost! You all are hypocrites

  25. I would say they are 'forgiving student loans' until the midterms, but have no intention of going ahead with it.

  26. Discriminating against a race of people regarding relief aid in order to attain the administrations political goals is wrong too, but the Vice President said that’s what they want to do.

  27. Biden Administration is so wrong for America ! It is HIGH TIME TO TAKE THEM TO COURT AND SUE THEM FOR EVERYTHING THEY GOT FROM US !!!

  28. Student debt isn't about irresponsible young people taking out more loans than they'll be able to pay back.

    It's about a corruption cycle between loan companies, lobbyists, and our lawmakers, designed to make them rich and powerful — AT YOUR EXPENSE.

  29. Forgive payments are just another vote buying scheme by the democrats. We might as well accept it for what it really is.

  30. Works great if your goal is to bankrupt the economy, though.