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Tom Cruise explodes at crew on set for not following COVID-19 rules

Actor Tom Cruise yelled at his crew members on the ‘Mission Impossible 7′ set for breaking coronavirus safety rules. FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell and Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes weigh in.

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  1. I feel like doing that everytime I see a mf'er in the supermarket without masks or standing up my azz at the checkout.

  2. Great acting Tom anything to keep china in your back pocket!

  3. He was right!!! He wasn't disrespectful. They're in another country that's be courteous. He spent 600K of his money to help keep people safe. Insurance companys are on his neck. Production has been shut down once before already. Pandemics been around for over 10 months now. Why does he have to babysit grown people? He's providing jobs. Money leaving? He's responsible. They were being inconsiderate and not taking the virus seriously. See ya! The workers should be ashame. He even rented a ship to house the staff.

  4. Tom was right. I agree with him. I would have done it too. He had to make them realize how serious it is.

  5. 1 min. in and I can already tell this is b…… – see ya Fox Business

  6. Stunt? What a stupid comment

  7. Where does fox get this Illiterate business analyst? Her views never make sense. Arguing this is for publicity in light of what is happening in the uk is just stupid. And what has this to do with someone's religious affiliations.

  8. Since when is making movies essential? I think the owners and employees of bars and restaurants might have a lot to say about that!

  9. Tom Cruise stealing Bobby Knight's playbook. Joking aside, he's the consummate professional – don't fool around on set.

  10. Tom,stop being a democratic puppet

  11. Infectious disease is an eternal aspect of reality. Capitalism is the pathology which results in suffering. Tom Cruise is himself, a virus. Eradicate the Rich to restore well being

  12. Scripted globalist nonsense, period.

  13. Staged? LOL
    Lady, you are a halfwit.

    M:I 7 is the canary in the coal mine for studios waiting to greenlight other films. Another outbreak on this set puts this film and ALL those other films in question. None of these movies get made without insurance. The producers of M:I (and Tom is one of those producers) would have begged and pleaded with insurance companies in order to let them do their best on this set, and try and get it in the can. That success will have tested protocols to be applied to other films.

    He is clearly frustrated by a few people who put lives and livelihoods in jeopardy, for the INDUSTRY, not just their film. And he even gives them latitude to express their reason/logic for breaking the rules, and if they can't satisfactorily deliver, or follow protocols, then they remain a risk factor that must be removed.

    The only unprofessional people were the ones who continued to defy the rules/safety protocols of the set. On a movie where safety protocols must be adhered to, 100% or people get injured.

    Tom is 100% committed in whatever he does. If you are there, and not bringing your 100%, you're not being the team player that filmmaking needs you to be.

    Suggesting this was staged or a marketing ploy is, with all due respect, patently idiotic.

  14. I'll Never watch another of his movies

  15. Tom cruise is finished just like fox is

  16. Brain washed 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  17. Big name celebrities taste a little hardship and fear poverty. Now you see them in their true colours.

    Ask the global criminal masterminds Gates and Fauci, which evidence overwhelmingly suggests that this virus was engineered and released as a bioweapon.

    Do you think The Great Reset is a coincidence? I don't think so.

    This is all about centralising control and global governance.

    This is all part of their masterplan agenda.

  18. Its a COVID PR stunt….trying to make us believe COVID is super dangerous coming from a puppet of Hollywood actor….he a good actor…thats it!!! Anything else I have in common with him is NOTHING…btw…hes a scientology….sorry I'm christian….lol

  19. All fake most of these pedophiles are in gitmo anyway.

  20. At least he is leading by example, thinking of others. I do not have a problem with his reaction. If it’s PR, meh… at least he isn’t trading national secrets with the Chinese

  21. In more interesting NEWS, how was that fit he threw over his daughter being neglected by her own father. He oughta worry for his ex-wife and daughter not rant like my ex girlfriend for not being ocd enough.

  22. If this is a stunt, which I don't believe it is, then kudos for Tom Cruise for doing his own stunts!!

  23. B-R-A-V-O, @TomCruise!!!! Tom's money can sustain him throughout the
    pandemic without any work! The dummies who are inconsiderate enough to
    come around their co-workers without masks on aren't so financially set!
    Nor are their coworkers and 1000s of others who will be able to earn
    from what Tom is trying to keep going while keeping the participants
    alive as well. He was so very nice to them! For me, it is ZERO
    tolerance! You are gone FIRST offense! Love Tom Cruise!


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