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Top 10 Fitness Mistakes KILLING Your Progress!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that if you take care of your physically ever aspect of your life will improve because your confidence will skyrocket. But some mistakes will screw-up your fitness progress.
Keep Your Sexy Ass Moving in the Right Direction

1. Not working the entire body – don’t just work mirror muscles
2. Not sticking with a program long enough to see result – focus on cardio, diet, and strength training
3. Over-training – it’s bad for you and your body.
4. Not taking in enough protein – you need the amino acids to rebuild stronger. Take in 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. Take a protein supplement or shake.
5. Scared to do fasted cardio in the morning – muscle tissue won’t vanish if you don’t eat every 3 hours. Fasted cardio in the morning is the best way to burn fat. Do it in your target zone (see Alpha’s notes in video). Quadracarn and CLA are recommended.
6. Form is terrible (too fast, repping it out) – it’s about controlling the weight during the entire range of motion.
7. Lifting too heavy – workout for you
8. Relying too heavily on machines – if you’re exclusively working out on machines, you’re missing out on working out stabilizing muscles with free weights.
9. Diet SUCKS – Alpha suggests a great multivitamin
10. Making excuses why you can’t start – when was the first time you thought about starting? Where would you be if you started then!? Exercising is critical to everything else in your life.


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  1. The way you explaind so powerful and that so motivated me 💪👍

  2. As soon as he said exercise I got a Mc. Donald’s Ad 🤣

  3. Can i still do exercises with a sprained hand?

  4. man your only 150? i expected you to be like freaking 250 man you are looking shredded

  5. No such thing as overtraining!!!!!

  6. How to stay the cleanest and confident all day

  7. He doesn't look like captain price but he looks like kellogs chocos 🙊

  8. The comments motivated me to drink Tiege Hanley and I thought I'd lose 20 pounds instantly but I just woke up in the hospital.
    Probably something wrong with my Tiege Hanley

  9. Cant agree more on the lifting too heavy part. Too many dudes doing it.

  10. is it not good if your heart rate while cardio is more than your target rate?

  11. What I am supposed to do because I am 13 years old

  12. I started with weights to get into it. Now I'm using weights more and my movements are slightly improving.

  13. Lol me on forcing progress and scared of morning cardio. But I do work out preferrebly before eating, but sometimes, I gotta walk a lot before working out so I gotta eat then work out and eat and that nags on me lol.

    But tho, I am on low body fat already so I gotta be careful

  14. Summer is almost over I need to losed about 12 pounds minimum. Mainly 25 would be ideal.

    If I jog say a 5k about 3.1 miles. Than work out for about 45 minutes in the ml morning would that constitute over training. Or should I break those work outs up

  15. I just turned 15, my doctor told me to stop working out as much. I didn't listen to him and now I'm so jacked people accuse me of taking roids! Nice video💪

  16. Haha! 7:00 "'How much can you bicep curl?' said no woman ever." The "said no woman ever" phrase is hilarious!

  17. Alpha is over a few zillions years old, but looks in his mid-twenties 😮

    no more need to be said

  19. Most people I encounter under-train their muscle groups, but over-train their nervous system. Just saying "over-training", probably isn't great advice here..

  20. I’m 50 an I used tiege Hanley , now I am 20 and have popeye biceps

  21. hey alpha , you are the best

  22. My girlfriend broke my heart but tiege hanky fixed it

  23. The most motivating thing for me is re watching the last minute of this video, of you telling me to get off my ass

  24. That Protein i have Vanille and Strawberry, Vanille is very good.

  25. If a guy is talking anything health related and he starts his statement by saying “it’s my personal opinion” you should probably stop listening.

  26. I first got into exercise around 11 but wasn’t really committed I’m now 13 I finally am actually doing it and it’s great. Thanks

  27. I hate it when I see people drinking these protein shakes with 50+ grams of protein per serving. REMEMBER! Your body can physically only process about 30 grams per hour!

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