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Top 10 Tips for Max Weight Loss from Dr. McDougall

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***I should have caught this when I was editing this video, but I accidentally said that bread is 2500 calories per pound, but it is 1500. Sometimes I don’t hear myself talking I guess…. Excuse the error!!***

1) Start each meal with a soup and/or salad and/or fruit.

2) Follow the 50/50 plate method for your meals, filling half your plate (by visual volume) with non-starchy vegetables and 50% (by visual volume) with minimally processed starches. Choose fruit for dessert.

3) Greatly reduce of eliminate added sugars and added salts. This includes gourmet sugars and salts too. If either is troublesome for you, you can eliminate them.

4) Eliminate all animal foods (dairy, meat, eggs, fish, seafood).

5) Eliminate all higher fat plant foods (i.e., nuts, seeds, avocados, tofu, soy).

6) Eliminate any added oil.

7) Eliminate all higher calorie-dense foods including flour products (i.e. bread, bagels, muffins, crackers, dry cereals, cookies, cakes), puffed cereals, air-popped popcorn and dried fruit.

8 ) Don’t drink your calories (especially from juices & sugar-sweetened beverages).

9) Follow these principles, eating whenever you are hungry until you are comfortably full. Don’t starve yourself and don’t stuff yourself.

10) Avoid being sedentary and aim for at least 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise daily (i.e., brisk walking).

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  1. Bread is actually only about 1,500 Calories Per Pound. You said 2,500 I believe which is the calorie density of chocolate.

  2. You look so healthy. Your eyes, skin and face say it all. You're a great representative of what a healthy lifestyle can look like!

  3. 1. Fill up on non starchy vegetables or fruit then move to starch
    2. 50/50 veg/starch
    3. Reduce added sugar and salt because they cause overeating
    4. Eliminate animal foods
    5. Eliminate higher fat plants
    6. Eliminate added oil
    7. Eliminate high calorie dense foods- muffins, dried fruit, biscuits, popcorn, puff cereal- anything processed etc
    8. Don't drink your calories including smoothies. Eat veg as and fruit whole
    9. Eat until you are comfortably full, don't starve or stuff yourself
    10. Avoid sedentary and exercise at least 30 minutes moderately a day. Heavy workouts aren't necessary. Weight loss happens in the kitchen

  4. Isn't soup blended veg. smoothie

  5. If you are really overweight you dont have to do half of the things mentioned in this video. Just go for unproccessed vegan food, vegtables and potatoes and rice and you will start rapidlly loosing weight, even if you over eat every meal untill you feel like puking. If you eat 4 pounds of potatoes each day its still just 1800 calories. And increase of fiber will make you naturally calory restrict the more you go on and craving for junk food will dissapear.

  6. What is the good food list, Thank you. 🙋🏻

  7. As always I'm in agreement with him. The only thing he said that I would tweak is that I don't find smoothies to be bad…but that's ONLY if you don't find yourself eating more calories due to the smoothie not being filling enough. Dr. Greger, Dr Fuhrman….etc., all have smoothie recipes in their books. So, If overeating is not the case, then a smoothie is fine

  8. Thx for going over the tips. Very helpful.

  9. 1 tbsp of added oil every day = 1 pound of fat per month. That is REALLY eye-opening.

  10. thank you so much!!!!! very informative and to the point!!!

  11. Very informative video thanks

  12. Oil? All kinds? What about extra virgin olive oil?

  13. As a new person to the plant based lifestyle, I find this information extremely helpful but also extremely disappointing. Mainly because I have just given up animal products which was hard, but now breads, nuts, seeds, avocado's, and other seemingly good things? I feel overwhelmed. I hate leafy greens. That's why I make Smoothies with them… Now I can't make those either? This is hard news. Necessary. But hard. Any help for for a new plant-eater would be helpful because I feel like I have to relearn how to cook.

  14. Thanks for this summary. Can you give some examples of the first half of the plate vegetable?

  15. So we are talking about a calorie restriction diet?

  16. dylan SMILE!! thank you for the tips 🙂

  17. Nice video. But the idea that weight loss comes from just eating the right foods is wrong. It’s also wrong that exercise is necessarily a minor component. Weight loss is a function of energy balance. If you create a caloric deficit you will lose weight. Exercise plays exactly the role that you assign it-if you burn an extra 300 calories, like on a 2-3 mile run, that’s what gets factored into the daily energy balance. If you run 20 miles you can factor in about 2500 calories burned. All the weight you lose can be from exercise, or none. It just depends on how much you do and of course how much you eat.

    I burn an average of 800-1500 calories a day from exercise and therefore can and do eat that much more to maintain my weight. This is basic and there is simply no truth to any other formula.

    If you want to rapidly lose weight create as large a caloric deficit as you can. If you do this, practically the only way is through exercise. Say your maintenance caloric intake is 2200 calories. You can comfortably cut 500 calories but if you cut much more you’ll be very hungry. This will add up to about a pound lost per week. Now the easiest thing you can do to double your weight loss is not to eat less but to exercise more. Burn off another 500 calories a day and you’re at a two pound per week loss. End of story. Yes, there are always Plateaus due to water retention but over time those even out.

    Exercise can play a small role or the primary role-it just depends on how much you do in conjunction with how much you eat. It’s a simple formula and indeed counting calories is necessary in order to know the numbers. Doing it intuitively works fine too but the underlying energy balance still needs to be negative.

  18. Have to say I'm about 2-1/2 minutes in and everything I'm hearing is a lot to do with how I was eating when I lost over 100 lbs. I would start meals with 1/2 – 1 whole grapefruit, or, a salad, and, I'd put potato, yam or meat along with a side of veggies or a pasta dish filled with veggies over a bed of greens. Allowed myself some very tiny dessert after every meal – I didn't have to have it, but, I could. And, I got, after a while, where that big meal would turn into two meals, sometimes half of it eaten as leftovers on the next day, because, I started losing my cravings and that feeling of not being satisified and suddenly couldn't eat near as much. Ended up dropping dessert altogether.

    I've tried many things sense then. But, now I am sort of back full circle. Only, with more purposeful starch and more restrictions on what to eat – especially in combination – and trying to work up a plan that would work for life. Somewhere between this and some Ayurvedic things I learned.

  19. what about the mediterarian diet healthy diet that use olive oil

  20. This dude's pupils are jet ass black. Good message tho.

  21. I re-viewed this and can't thank you enough for going over the 10. It's a great reminder! Thank you!

  22. Great video 🤔👍🎀💕

  23. Do you know of anyone that went on the potato diet that still kept taking metformin and high blood pressure medicine ….and would like to please have some input as soon as possible I know you don’t give medical advice but could you just give me some insight someway somehow thank you👍🏻‼️

  24. Your oil calories calculation to fat was the funniest I’ve heard!!

  25. I wish I could see an actual diet plan for a week, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. to me this doesn't give me much information

  26. Please make a video what we should eat?

  27. Great video! Plant-based, calorie-dilute foods!

    Got any good home-made soup recipes?

  28. Baked salmon or any baked fish ok❓

  29. I really wish I had run into the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of following the programs, I burned 12 lbs However I exercise a couple of times weekly, and eat healthy. The result presented to me is wonderful. Certainly, this is strongly recommended and I do hope this would deliver the results to you too mainly because it did to me. .

  30. I dissagree with the no meat. Nothing wrong with salmon or chicken.

  31. Weight loss is basically just calorie in and calorie out. Some of this advice I agree with, some of it I don't. Soup can be very high in calories and I wouldn't suggest eating it before a meal. May as well just drink your calories. Salad makes more sense. I also disagree with eliminating all animal products. I have difficulty getting enough protein and omega 3's. Fish is low calorie and high in protein and omega 3's. They've also been shown to lower your risks of cancer and heart disease. Cutting healthy fats entirely just sounds like a stupid idea. Seeds and nuts provide protein, omegas, and fiber as well. And just a side note about exercise. Biking burns twice as many calories as walking does. They also use less muscles and require less effort. So if you're just trying to get into exercise, even stationary biking in front of the TV would be a great way to do it. But this is just the 2 cents of someone who managed to lose 50lbs while recovering from a knee injury. Take from it what you will.

  32. I have a really hard time eating salads because I tend to choke on the greens, so I always have a smoothie with my meal to get my greens in. Will doing this stall my weightloss and make it so I cant hit my goal?

  33. what about white rice is that ok to eat?

  34. Watch "Food Unwrapped- summer" on YouTube. Your processed carbs (e.g.: pasta) and smoothie recommendations are not true. Celery smoothie burns more calories and fettuccine has much lower GI than many other unprocessed foods.

  35. The more I try to find my way trough this jungle the more puzzled I get…. Sure fat is high in calories, but isn't it also esstial for us? Our body builds all of our hormones from fat…. Then with juicing, in the Gerseon Therapy you drink every hour a huge glass of it, and now it's bad? Here I hear salt is bad, in a talk from McDougall himself, he sais salt is good when it's not hidden in artificial foods. So what's right….. I'm a bit lost and irritated.

  36. You’re sooooo disciplined 🙃

  37. That's so true, Last year I walked 8-13 miles a day including a moderate hike in a canyon and 2 hours at the gym doing cardio, weights and a workout class, ate sem-healthy but still drank a coke a day and the scale hardly budged. Now I'm stuck at home due to a back injury and can hardly move but I'm losing weight due to eating healthy whole foods such as fruit and vegetables and have lost more in a month than I did the 5 months I busted my ass off last year!!

  38. Hmmmm Tofu, if I am not mistaken it is less than 500 calls per pound. I eat Tofu every day. I put it on my salads and I prepare it in my air fryer.

  39. I might be very late to this video, but is there any chance I can see some research on the brisk walk 30 vs 60? Couldn't find anything on g00gle

  40. probably want a couple of tsp of flax meal to avoid risking omega 3 deficiency. I don't buy that a low fat wfpb diet automatically ensures enough omega 3. lots of vegans are deficient in omega 3. flax meal isn't addictive. A limit for that is better than eliminating it.

  41. Great summary, thank you very much.

  42. This is very restrictive. I think I'm screwed. I'm going to have to calorie count sadly. Theres no way out

  43. Nice summation of the great work that Dr. McDougall does. Everyone should watch this video.

    The fact that terrible ketogenic/paleo/low-carb diets are the new fad is depressing. The answer is so simple… yet, as Dr. McDougall himself says: "People like to hear good news about their bad habits."

  44. Thank you for your video. It helps a lot

  45. Don't make veganism too difficult, more people will relapse. Supposed to make it as easy as possible ie no meat and dairy, limit/no processed food, eat lots of fruits and veggies, grains and starchie foods. The moment you start making all these rules and regulations, suggestions and limits, you will lose more people and that means more dead animals and big pharma gets bigger.

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