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Top Army leaders fired, suspended from Fort Hood after Guillen investigation | Nightline

The Army said 14 people were punished for “leadership failures” in responding to sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations. Vanessa Guillen’s family has been fighting for more accountability.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. At 3:50 in the picture, which one was Vanessa?

  2. Glad her family fight for her ✊✊✊ and exposed them…. that's right mom shut it the base down

  3. Justice for vanessa and other army soldiers

  4. Even people of power should be accountable. What happened to honor , rightousness , are there anyone in power with these attributes. Power corrupts , ultimate power ultimately corrupts. They need God in their live to put reins to control , morality, to check , the dark path that was taken, to know what is wrong and right and accountability to man law , but mainly to God'law.
    What is done in the dark will come light. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.
    God Bless

  5. What the f*** do you mean lost their jobs. they should be in jail!

  6. Yes… it's a very serious problem that only gets dealt with by firing people but not dealing with the ACTUAL PROBLEM. I don't know how many times things like this get brought up and then forgotten about or swept under the rug and it's infuriating.

  7. So, Vanessa NEVER TOLD THE ARMY POLICE about the sexual harassment?!?!? Why did 14 people loose their jobs? Thats on her!

  8. She died on our soil. This is pathetic and we should ask for more

  9. So much covered up . They never came to tell her she wasnt on base . That superior has previous situtations that have been looked over or just ignored .

  10. I served in Alaska. When this story started coming out I knew these military pigs were GUILTY.

  11. Easier for them to get rid of a few guys then do the REAL investigation that needs to be done on this base. So many dead and missing much more needs to be done. We owe it to these young soldiers.

  12. When an army lack discipline, that is the end of the system. We see many of this situation happening in the US army.

  13. Some scumbag did this ! Can’t. Blame all leaders. Dummy’s !

  14. This is the kind of stuff that needs to be reported 👍🏿

  15. All those things happened under Trump and His devil administration.

  16. Spc. Vanessa Guillen at age 20 was killed. Her family never stopped searching for the truth. They even went to Washington, DC to talk to President Trump about the the sexual abuse Vanessa was a victim of at Fort Hood and the lack of transparency the army showed all victims at this base. Finally some action has been taken after all this time to remove the base commander and others that showed a lack of leadership .
    More needs to be done throughout the military to put an end to sexual harassment and bullying. It should not be tolerated at any level.
    RIP Spc Vanessa Guillen,
    Pvt Gregory Scott Morales,
    Pfc Brandon Scott Rosecrans,
    Spc Freddy Beningo Dr la Cruz Jr, Spc Shelby Tyler Jones,
    Spc Christopher Wayne Sawyer,
    Sgt Elder Fernandez,
    Pvt Dakota Lee Stump
    And all the other soilders who have been harassed or sexually assaulted throughout the military including Pfc LaVerna Lynn Johnson RIP our brave and dedicated soilders ❤

  17. Don't let go yet momma. That's just the tip.
    Keep on digging and demanding more answers. ALL paramilitary structured agencies have a fraternal culture, woman, especially of color, are in a wolves den when they want to serve their community/country. If we say anything, we're blacklisted.
    We believe you and we've all had Vanessa on our minds.

  18. The military doesn't give a f#$K about you. That's the cold hard truth.

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  20. Fort hood is so screwed up it's about dam time. At this point close it down and move them before anymore idiots lead that base.

  21. The army teaches: Pass The Buck and Cover Your Ass – 2LT AG CAL ARNG 1973-1979.

  22. Yes and tells these men they Cannot get away with this

  23. I think he kidnapped her , raped her and then killed her , did they test the arms room for blood etc? None of this has been released but there is no way he could of killed her in that arms room without anyone seeing.

  24. That could be anyone’s sister or mother or daughter. I send out prayers to this family.

  25. NO MORE of this sick "boys will be boys" BS. Either you act like a human being or you're out, period. If you can't respect women's humanity, you don't belong in society, period.

  26. This is the change that can effect an entire nation when people come together in peaceful protests!

  27. I've seen this type of scenario so many times while I was serving,,,,higher ranking officer BELIEVING hes so entitled to HIS WANTS,,,,not accustomed to being told no,,,,,,its their nature ,,,,IM MORE VALUABLE THEN YOU,SO I GET WHAT I WANT,PERIOD!!!

  28. The dependent car adventitiously poke because drill ideally pop till a decisive answer. well-to-do, hypnotic height

  29. Although this is not new for the mitary, clearly the climate is reinvigorated and perpetuated under the current administration.

  30. Dirty cops. Now, dirty soldiers! This should be a warning for females wanting to join the military! It's not safe like it used to be. Not all soldiers are honorable.

  31. Yet Donald Trump wanted to build a wall to keep “them” out (everything he said about Mexico) but yet look it was the US that caused this poor young woman to lose her life.

  32. They need to shut down that base

  33. This is such BS. I was on Paris Island 30 years ago and it was the same crap. They know…OMG…such MOFO liars. Shame on the entire military. They know this. PLEASE!

  34. Military has broken protocol.

  35. It's a start, but the accountability is far from over.

  36. This Sargeant is a dam Demon!!!! And He Will Pay!!!

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