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Top Pakistani Designers Bridal Dresses 2019 for Wedding

Pakistani get dressed designers have contributed a lot in the fashion enterprise. The contribution of designers bridal clothes series 2019 is incredible for Pakistani wedding occasions. style is the language of your body. Your look matters lots. The splendor of your get dressed is the distinction of your personality. For bridal attire, you have to be so aware as it’s miles the occasion on which the wedding couple particularly brides desires to appearance fantastic, breathtaking and amazing on mehndi, barat and walima day.


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  1. Bht bht h bakar ha design

  2. Eto ne platya, eto bolshoy gruz. Zachem kinzhal?

  3. Fazool kharchi intiha ki

  4. Reema ko kis ny punishment di hui??🤣🤣

  5. Dresses sahj hai na makeup aur models
    Guy ki tarah walk karrahi hain

  6. Libaas ki khoobsorti jism chopanay mn h.

  7. Waste of time .waste of money ..شیطان الرجیم

  8. Fail designer, s designed.Astaghfirullah

  9. Mere India ka dekh Kar copy kere shameless Pakistani actors

  10. ik sy bhar k ik Bakwas design…

  11. Wasting so much money on these crappy shows why don’t you just donate that money to other Muslims who are suffering with hunger . Give the money to children suffering in Syria, Palestine and Afghanistan instead. Pakistanis are starting to get to big for thier boots. I’m born and raised in uk but my roots are from Pakistan and Iv lived several years in Pakistan yet I donate to the poor and dress and live in moderation. Treat Pakistan like a Muslim country as the rest of the world mocks the way some of your daughters dress inappropriately.didi just see one of the woman in an orange lehngah carrying a dagger? 😱I guess there’s no shame left in Pakistan some of these girls are half naked. We Muslims born and raised in western countries like covering up our bodies . What’s gone wrong with Pakistan?its appalling. Shameless people thinking they look modern

  12. Pakistani actress modelling confidence k sath nhi karti hai deep breath kon leta hai vo bhi shoulder hilake

  13. Not impressive,sorry designers.

  14. Reema khan ka tu chalna hi dushwaar hugaya.

  15. 4:45 pakistan me waise dresses chalte hai wo bhi wedding ke liye india me to sab normally aise dresses pehen te hai

  16. Bride sy jharoo dilwany ka method 🤣

  17. Pakistan ke design Kam or Indian style zayada lag rahe

  18. Sadaf kanwal mawra Hocane aiman and muneeb and reema khan are looking for gorgeous 😍😍

  19. B red walay dress ka back astaghfirullah n larki ki kamar to jesy peechy ko akar gai thi

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