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Top Tips for Starting Uni! My Experience, University Essentials and Money Saving Tips!

A long old video full of top tips for starting University!! PLUS my experience at London College of Fashion, some essentials to take with you and Money Saving Tips!

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  1. I love art. I personally think it's hard to get a job just doing art so I switched to graphic design in college and now I'm going to do it at uni too. I find it a bit hard sometimes but I hope I'm making the right decision

  2. I'm starting fashion management studies at Lcf in September, thanks for all the advice ⭐️⭐️

  3. brilliant video there! πŸ™‚

  4. Moral of the story: Shakespeare is absolutely useless and obviously ancient and should stay in museums

  5. being cheap and a teacher's pet, two of my pet peeves

  6. "I think school doesn't really touch on more creative industries" – Yes, Yes, YES! In high school I was discouraged by certain teachers not to choose media and communications – not to choose anything practical. I originally wanted to work in childcare, I was told by a teacher "You aren't suited to childcare, I don't want you applying for it" which upset me – like I had another teacher who didn't think I should do it but she asked if I was sure about it and respected my decision. I applied for childcare as my main choice then media & communications as a back up – I was told by the same teacher who told me not to pick childcare "Apply for admin. You're good at admin. Admin will actually get you a job, unlike media" which is so not true. Most my teachers perceived the more creative courses as things that didn't have much to it or that wouldn't get you a job. I got a conditional for childcare & lost it due to the teacher who'd demanded me not to pick it giving me a shitty reference, I was devastated but I then picked Media & communications despite the teachers who said not to and my OWN FAMILY who said not to. 3 years later I've left with a HND media & communications, I got A for BOTH my graded units & I have already organised a huge SCOTLAND WIDE Journalism competition for my 2nd year graded unit that was really successful & had top companies such as the Sun, STV & the BBC all involved, we even had a showbiz guest speaker, Beverley Lyons (with a little help from a lecturer who was friends with her) high profile woman who we had to book through her PA. I'm so glad I had that one teacher in high school who supported me all the way, every time I got a course offer she was like "well done" instead of being critical like the other staff. She was the one who made me feel that it was my choice & to pick something for me not because others think I should do it. Just goes to show, you're teachers aren't always right – for example, I got told I was bad at maths and not to pick higher, got an A in Intermediate Two – told I was gonna fail Higher English, got a B.

  7. totally true about a laptop! πŸ™‚

  8. Great video with loads of tips, also thanks to Scarlet!

  9. Sick video!

    Sign up to UNiDAYS people for your student discount and get a Β£5 bouns:

  10. I am going to Royal Holloway!

  11. Hi Josue loved the video can you do a video on jobs you have done on promotional jobs

  12. im going uni in a week, i wish i could splurge on a laptop but i have to deal with a 8 year old pc which pretty much doesnt work

  13. Thank you for making this!!! I'm not going to uni, I'm starting 6th form tomorrow year 12, and some of these tips are still really useful! Xx

  14. Hey Josie! Could you tell us more about how you started your Jewellery business please? X

  15. Great video content, Josie! I finished my MBA 3 years ago and I can absolutely relate to everything you mentioned (when you talked about the M&S discounted food I kept nodding as it was exactly what I used to do on multiple occasionsΒ  as well:) One additional thing I have also observed among some of my friends was to think twice before taking up a full time job while you are still studying, especially if getting a degree is important to you. I have seen many of them fail the studies because the pressure of a full time job was just too much at that stage of their lives.

  16. Fantastic video! In the process of thinking what to study in uni, this was great advice! <3

  17. What lipstick is that please it's lovely!

  18. Really helpful video, thank you! πŸ’•

  19. Such good and practical ideas, thank you! πŸ™‚

  20. Really helpful video, thank you! πŸ’•

  21. This is a brilliant video, thank you I found it very helpful, i am off to University in one week ☺️ can you please do a video on how to be a good interviewee? I would love some tips on getting a little part time job, i am not the best when it comes to interviews because I get sooo nervous πŸ™ˆ xx

  22. Wow I really enjoyed you sharing your experiences and imagine a lot of people would find this helpful! I've been through different coursework myself trying to find out what I want to do. Now studying business marketing and finding it very different from my prior liberal arts education and still trying to figure things out.

    Would love to see more future videos about your education/ work experience. This is by far the best school advice video I've seen!

  23. Absolutely love this video!!! So helpful, going to apply for my local top shop when I'm back at uni πŸŽ‰
    I was wondering what Bb/cc cream you recommend ???

  24. i'm not in uni,but some of these tips will help me this year and the ones to come. thank u for every tip and this useful video ❀ have a nice day

  25. I'm so glad you've made this video! I'm an undergraduate student now and am actually considering going to London College of Fashion to get an MA in Psychology for Fashion Professionals.

  26. This is great timing lol, I just posted two uni advice videos on my channel. As a teacher I absolutely agree with your tip of being a bit of a "teacher's pet". So many students see that as just being a suck up but really it's about building positive connections with people that can be a huge asset down the line. When you go to find a job you're going to rely strongly on your network and networking skills. Those start on day one with your teachers. I'm in the process of writing a letter of recommendation to law school for one of my former students. Teachers are much more likely to do those sorts of things for students they had positive connections with and who stayed in communication with. πŸ™‚

  27. This is slightly off topic here, but did you just say you was from Gloucester?????

  28. Take advantage of free or reduced shows on campus. My university has amazing performances like plays, comedians, symphonies, dance troupes like the Harlem Ballet, etc and students could go free or for under $10 US. It was a great way to make friends by inviting a few people and going as a group.

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