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TOPSHOP HAUL // Try On – Summer 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

TOPSHOP HAUL // Try On – Summer 2019 //
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River Island, Mango, NET-A-PORTER, Ted Baker & More HAUL –

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White Broderie Dress –
Hanging Pearl Earrings –
Bracelets –
Rings –
Strappy Sandals –
Straw Bag –

Ditzy Floral Blouse –
Hot Air Balloon Necklace –

Yellow ‘Wallpaper’ Dress –
Yellow Broderie Ruffle Dress –

Pink Satin Slip Skirt –
Broderie Blouse –
Pink Prada Bag –

Blue Floral Dress –

Pink ‘Shirt’ Dress –
Floral Basket Bag –

Editor Trench Coat –

Pink Pleated Skirt –

White Shorts –
Ditzy Swimsuit –

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  1. I just purchased the Yellow Broderie Ruffle Dress last week. It is stunning 💕

  2. I bought the yellow Topshop broderie dress through your link and I'm very pleased with it! Thanks for your great reviews and videos! xx

  3. What size is the ditsy print blouse please x

  4. You look amazing in yellow. I love all the pieces. Thanks for the video Josie!

  5. Josie I love all the pieces on this video! Will definitely be ordering the shorts and a couple of the dresses ❤️ one quick question: where can I get the top you are wearing with the pink pleated skirt please? I really love it!!!! ❤️

  6. That shade of blue is stunning on you, you should wear it more often 🙂 xxx

  7. what a beautiful collection, very classy

  8. Where are people working that they can get away with this gorgeous stuff? So jealous!

  9. Josie, I just wanted to tell you how much you lift my spirits. You are so sweet and beautiful. My daughter who is only a few years older than you has your same hair color and skin color. She can wear all your style clothes. She now wants a Chloé bag. I’m 72 years old and can’t wear any of your clothes except maybe a few handbags, shoes, and jewelry. However, you are so positive and happy. Living in Tennessee I have a very southern drawl, so I love hearing you talk. I think everything that you do is to perfection. I love how you try to protect the environment too. You are a darling young lady in every way. Just keep moving forward with your beautiful personality and beautiful style. I’ll keep watching. ❤️

  10. The fabric is called toile de jouy after the 18th century linen company near Versilles which used to make it printed with the figures and landscapes. This became fashionable and was later translated into wallpapers and is still used today. Toile is also the name of a thin cheap fabric used to make practise pattern pieces or a whole garment before that is made up in more expensive fabric

  11. I like the pleated skirt better then the dress tbh. The color is nice and the style cute.

  12. I have no where to wear these cute outfits 😂

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, I love everything. Send the skirt back if it's not suiting you.or if you don't really need it.

  14. So much fast fashion what happened? Your content has changed so much in such a sort time. Fashion is the major polluter to our planet guys there is always more stuff to buy only one planet.

  15. Please do a swimwear haul …

  16. love your videos , the dresses are so lovely and feminine

  17. Top shop is killing it right now!

  18. The blue dress is just 💙. Wish there was topshop in Canada ☹️

  19. Can you do a haul/testing out Fresh Lions? I keep seeing them on Instagram and their stuff looks gorgeous! I think it’s a German brand x

  20. Hi Josie! Love your videos. Have you seen this new h&m-dress? Kind of a dupe for your tory burch dress – the print is very similar 🙂

  21. All these pieces are gorgeous! 😍

  22. So many gorgeous items! I love the pink pleated dress and the floral blouse, and the white shorts. The pink skirt is so beautiful on you, I think you should keep it! x

  23. I have the blue floral dress in the blouse – lovely items xxxx

  24. Beans on toast for the rest of the month then!!

  25. I loved it. Oh, I would be glad if you did a lookbook video of your favourites.

  26. Keep the pink skirt and return the dress ….

  27. Loved all the Top Shop clothes Josie. Must say I liked the pleated skirt with the splits even more than the satin skirt. 😄😎

  28. All of it is nice. My faves -The blue print dress so very pretty on you and the white shorts😊

  29. I never find anything that doesn't look cheap from Topshop… Sorry

  30. The blush pleated skirt with little white ruched top looks great on you very fresh and pretty look👌

  31. That pink dress and white shorts are a must 😍😍😍

  32. Wow so many beautiful things in your haul~ Finding your channel has really helped me to create my own personal style. I can't wait to visit London in summer. Josie I wouldn't bother keeping the skirt as you have others much more fab and esp if you are keeping the dress; it fits your style much more in my opinion. Great video as always x

  33. Its toile fabric not wallpaper fabric.

  34. Josie's haul is one of that I still watch. I have never been very edgy or daring. I've always liked more classic, feminine pieces. When I was younger I used to feel a bit out of placed because I worried people would think I was a bit too prissy and not cool/sexy enough. Now I really dgaf. This is how I like dressing. And you, and ladies like Freddy show me, there is so much more ways of dressing

  35. I found that actually it is so hard to get a perfect red dress! Could you recommend the pretty little red dress good for summer or for dinner party? It is so hard to find one!

  36. Hi Josie, you may find this interesting… My style is very different from yours… I have never and probably will never wear a floral dress in my life, however I am a subscriber and I never miss your fashion videos. Why? Because I always learn something new from you. You make me a savvier shopper. So thank you!

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