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TOPSHOP PRE-AUTUMN HAUL & TRY ON // IDOL Collection Review | Fashion Mumblr

A Topshop Pre-Autumn Haul & Try On and review of their new IDOL collection!
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This video is a part of my ongoing collaboration with Topshop as one of their #Topshopgirls

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Pearl Headband –
Dark Floral Dress –
Necklace –
Cowboy Boots –
Ring Detail Blouse –
Black & Gold Bag –
Pink & Black Dress –
Bucket Hat –
Floral Frill Hem Dress –
Polene Bag –
Rust Playsuit –
Top Handle Bag –
Pink Floral Print Dress –
Peter Pan Collar Blouse –
Lace One Shoulder Top –
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  1. You should keep that boiler suit romper…it looks great on you! Gorgeous!!! 😘

  2. Would love to see a video where you are restyling old trends with a fresh look.

  3. You made the pink&black dress look so amazing that I HAD to click the topshop link and check it out – the picture on their site however was extremely disappointing , looks nowhere near as good as how you styled it – put me off the dress straight away. Very unfortunate…

  4. if only the online shops took better phtographs of their dresses! when i saw the black and pink dress on you i fell in love with it but on the model in the picture on the top shop website it looks horrible and frumpy! i don't get the whole 'i dont give a damn' poses by professional models. They make everything look unattractive :(:( i am soo getting this dress!

  5. I love your videos! Love your style! I really wanted the topshop boots you have in this video and on app… but they sold out quickly. When will you do another autumn haul with booties. I need a light color that I can wear w midi dresses/skirts … need to know your next pick so I can buy quickly😊👍

  6. Another great haul Josie. Your videos are always so informative and I love that you start to highlight what to look for moving forward to the next sesason. Would be great to see how you will team up some of these pieces with other items already in your wardrobe.

  7. I absolutely love that rust colored dress! I’m 5’8” and I’m wondering if the dress would be too short on me. I like where it hits you on your legs. Can you tell me how tall you are?

  8. is the piece you're wearing in this video sold out? can't find it online… i work at TS and the new idol collection is my favourite! vintage inspired autumnal florals are so my thing

  9. Beautiful clothes! But the best part was Dickens!

  10. Hello, this is the first time I view your video and I love it! You're so beautiful and I love your style. The links are very helpful and I ordered a few items from Topshop but thru the US website. Thank you!

  11. Omg love the pearl headband! You look like a pearl goddess! 💜

  12. Which size are you wearing from the dark floral dress from topshop?

  13. Josie- PLEASE don’t move around so much when you’re showing off the clothes- with you moving and fast editing- we don’t get a chance to SEE the items properly. It’s something I’ve noticed for a few months but thought it was a phase. SLOW DOWN or don’t edit so much 😩

  14. Enjoyed the "too similar" dress( you could send it to me as my Birthday is coming in Autumn) , the handbag was modestly attractive and the Peter Pan Collar White Shirt would surely get compliments -unless of course folks are jealous! Among my favorites is the last item White top! Oh, I 've got a use for the Nutmeg color Playsuit! How 'bout on the plane and upon landing you commence your sightseeing during daylight? Well, thanks so much for the research and report for Autumn!

  15. The first dress gave me Faye Dunaway 1970s vibes. It was a fashion moment in the best way.

  16. Everything is so beautiful 😍!!!! You looking amazing and beautiful in the new pieces of clothes! 🤗🤗💕💕🌷🌷

  17. I love you in the pales and I love you in these deep colors. Just so lovely.

  18. Fabulous haul. But, you did a 180; if you do a 360, you're back at where you already were (a 360 is like making a circle)

  19. Love the preview for fall…that white outfit on you is gorgeous! Traffic stopper!💐

  20. Hi Josie!
    Love your videos and suggestions. Can you do a Mango, Zara and Massimo Dutti Haul?

  21. Do you know when they re stock as the first two outfits are not available in hardly any sizes? 😔

  22. A total 360 is a complete circle which literally puts you back where you started. A complete 180 would put you opposite from your original position.

  23. Noooooo not autumn already, I'm sad I feel like we haven't seen much summer yet lol, would love a summer recap favourites, for us here about to go into spring/ summer 💕

  24. Amazing fashion pieces right there, well done Josie !

  25. I love seeing you in shorter dresses, your legs are soo beautiful

  26. Such a shame most is out of stock and isn’t being restocked. If you work with them, surely it would be in their interest to give you the clothes a couple weeks before the launch 🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. Beautiful dresses 🙂 love the first one especially. My one critique: If you plan on returning something, why cuddle your dog in it? Some people are allergic to dog fur. 🙁 xx

  28. Portobello Road market sell loads of designs in that ‘Moroccan/African’ bag

  29. The polene bag is great idea for lose fitting maxi dress..

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