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Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise

Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise
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Total Body #Workout + #WeightLoss Tips!! Fat Burning #Fitness Routine for #Beginners, Home Exercise

Get ready to burn fat and lose weight with Sanela! How to get fit and healthy, full body fat burning fitness- great for all levels. Sanela also shares her favorite tips for weight loss!

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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  3. Amazing tips thank you so much from nepal 🇳🇵

  4. From tommorow em going to do this activity…… After 2 weeks I'll came back hea ND let you know how it will work out….sooooo wish me luck

  5. thank you so much you are so motivating I love you!!! lol thanks so much!!

  6. I'd say to REALLY look at your diet.

    When I wanted to tighten up my stomach, I thought I had a good diet. I exercised more and more but didn't change my eating habits that much. I lost weight very slowly and was extremely frustrated. I thought that the answer was just more exercise so I kept increasing until I was working out a lot, but still not seeing the results I wanted.THEN MY FRIEND SUGGEST THIS AND IT DRASTICALLY CHANGE MY LIFE

  7. I am thin as skeleton help xd
    i have too fast metabolism i cant gain weight will this work for me!?

  8. I just lose 22 pound in a week . I think🤔 you like it

  9. Heres a great way i found to lose weight, i hope it helps some others

  10. how many boys watching this dislike👎… fo girls thumps up👍 will see the proper results👏👏👏👏👏👏

  11. I will try to loos my weight thanks dear

  12. thanks ….u helped alot…and ya…i got motivated….all thanks to you.

  13. Whenever you took a break I would do something like bicep curls or planks. Thanks for the video!! I’m training to pass my cadet fitness test

  14. I started today …
    I'll make sure to give an update every now and then for those who wanna know if it works!
    It was a bit hard since it's my first day well wish me luck guys I really need it 🙂

    Edit: 2nd day was harder than the first day
    Edit: 3rd day was hard but it start to get a bit easy just a bit

  15. Everytime I lose some Weight I find it again in the refrigerator

  16. eliminated 100 pounds of confidence-stealing, energy-sucking and potentially life-ending bodyfat.

  17. Thank you for this practical beginners home video ☺️

  18. Current status:



    Lost 15lbs but I’ve gained 5lbs back


    Lose 10-15lbs and build a booty

  19. thanx for your tips it was really helpful for me and thanx to  which also help me to lose weight i hope it will help other

  20. I just found out about this video today and it was awesome, I can tell this channel will help me lose weight.

  21. Hey there!
    May I take some time out of your day? It’ll be quick!
    I want you to read carefully!🌸

    You are beautiful
    I want you to step on a scale
    Did it say error?
    No, because you are a healthy weight!
    I want you to look in the mirror
    Did it break?
    No, because you are pretty and/or handsome
    I understand you want to be skinnier, but do it in a healthy way!
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  22. Click here to read articles on more guides to health and fitness, it's the best kept secret for women who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off
    Click the link to find out more.

  23. If you don't get results please try it one it's not about foolish thing it's really help you because with out proper nutrition it's impossible

  24. I love this girl! She sounds too optimistic 😊

  25. Every reply is 30 minutes of exercise
    I have a feeling I might regret this

  26. I have a very nice weight loss products to break the belly for you, if you are interested contact me privately

  27. Think out of the box

    Take the action 💪

    Go check out

  28. Weight loss Programme🙋 7days2- 4 kg
    15 days 4 -6 kg
    30 days 6-8 kg
    What'sapp Or Call on 8427362493

  29. Losing weight is really not that difficult…I started following a method I found online a few months ago and so far it's going great. But the important thing is you need to stay consistent and not give up!

  30. I’m going to actually try this out and keep y’all updated! Ima start tomorrow ((: ! Btw I weight 145 and I’m 5’2
    Day one ) I ended up doing it yesterday , and I got sweaty and felt the burn and it was kinda hard
    Day 2) I did it today and it was less hard but I’m super sweaty and definitely felt the burn .

  31. Really good. You are inspiring . Thanks for the video .

  32. Talking bit much aghrr am tired

  33. I m on day 19…..nd it really works…

  34. I'm trying to loose 40 pounds as an 11 year old 6th grade girl any tips for me?

  35. My shirt was up i was laying on my floor. I went for a push up and my belly button was sticking and I had stitches there not to long ago and I lifted up it hurts now!

  36. Love your super sexy everything !!

  37. im trying this. hehehe. can anyone hug me? help me grow my youtube channel. thankyou

  38. My weight is 87 belly is 37 hip 48 Please motivate for me

  39. I love working out in winters ❄️

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