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Tracking Hurricane Isaias | 8/1/20

Fox News tracks Hurricane Isaias, the second hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

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  1. Hey Long Island !! Better get yourselves prepped up. It seems it's going to head toward the south shore TOMORROW….. Bayshore, Sayville watch out/ Atlantic City/ Wilmington , NC
    ……and raining a lot in NJ

  2. DEAR LORD, Watch Over All
    In the Path of this & every
    hurricane, Keep them Safe &
    Away from Harm's Way !!!

  3. Fox Business put up another storm tracker video… Comments disallowed to prevent viewer discussion. They don't want people to know the radar images that they're showing are BOGUS, and do not match what you can see for yourself on NWS radar, and the Weather Channel radar. Fox you are despicable!

  4. Now do a story on successful businessmen that are afraid to release their tax returns…

  5. I want to know what are those five black dots just off of the most North East point of the North American continent going out into the Atlantic ocean. The clouds appear to go under those dots what are they.

  6. Trump: It was supposed to hit Alabama trust me

  7. Here in Ft Myers Florida or Gulf side SW Its sunday morning and not a drop of rain a little wind last night All Good

  8. 157,905 covid deaths 4,764,588 covid cases and counting, the impeached orange bone spurs bunker boy, person, woman, man, camera, tv president is doing a great job with the trump virus

  9. I dont even worry about these hurricanes they never even hit so why tf worry about them🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Water does not bend on flat earth water is flat. See with your own eyes, heart & spirit. They’ve taken God out of everything they are evil and worship the under Lord they lied about the earth spinning faster than light moves. They lie about Antarctica. They’ve lied about landing on the moon! they lie every minute about President Trump! They lied about Russian collusion. they’ve lied about being perverted they’ve lied that there for America they’ve lied that there for Black Lives Matter. They lied about gravity. they’ve lied to with people about Global warming! they’ve lied about Covid, they’ve lied about vaccinations Theyve lied about the Earth being over populated. Theyve lied about Russia they’ve lied about China they lied about their stupid impeachment process! they will stop at nothing they lie about anything & everything they can get away with to serve their master in hell

  11. It's 2020, this hurricane winds up in California before ending in New York!

  12. The name Isaias means God Is My Salvation and is of Spanish origin.

  13. Silence of the lamb , good movie , I guess some more rain for the U.K. , lol !!!!

  14. This is getting all to common. We don't even prepare for these much anymore.

  15. Hope everyone in Nassau, Bahamas will be safe…IJN Amen.

  16. Florida: New York sucks enjoy the snow
    New York: Florida go enjoy 5 hurricanes

  17. Is it ISAIAS ? Like from the Bible? Or Icesis. ???

  18. In Florida,lake Worth ,ready…..

  19. In other news. Fox turns off their comments on the bomber story because they know very well how toxic their community is 😉

  20. Ok I understand trump rents a lot of space in libs heads, but how is there tds on a hurricane tracking video. Pathetic

  21. It will strengthen to Cat2 when it hit us in VIRGINIA if you're on tha Coast like me U better get ready now 🤧😷🤕🙄

  22. Its to bad this storm wont hit washington with full force.

  23. And this is why I don’t buy a beach house.

  24. Looks like it might hit Alabama…?

  25. the nice big tracking path to show important data and they leave out four or five data points that truly matter – pathetic even for fox business

  26. I didn't subscribe for this

  27. You know it's bad when a cat 1 is news

  28. On top of that the storm is going to ride the coast. It makes you wonder what is really going on

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