Wednesday , August 5 2020
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Trish Regan: What will the impeachment inquiry cost America?

FOX Business’ Trish Regan breaks down what impact the impeachment inquiry is having on the United States.

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  1. Not a shred of evidence the President committed a crime? More than 1000 former federal prosecutors have signed a letter stating Mueller produced evidence proving Trump obstructed justice, a serious federal crime. Most of the 1000 served in Republican administrations. Fox legal analyst Napolitano discussed the law and the evidence proving Trump obstructed justice. There is no doubt that many countries have paid Trump, such as for rooms in his Washington hotel. That is an obvious violation of the emoluments clause. Impeachable offenses are not limited to crimes. Many officials have been impeached for alcoholism, which is not a crime. So abusing power to damage Biden can be impeachable even if it is not a crime.

  2. youtube is deleting my video likes again .

  3. Nancy Pelosi once hailed by the Democrats as a shrewd operator is showing huge signs off being past it, and the screws are not just loose, many are falling out!!!

  4. The Democratic people who sincerely love America, you need to consider a NEW PARTY! This Democratic party has an agenda that does not include LOVE FOR THIS COUNTRY! Look at the places run by Liberalism: California, Chicago, Baltimore; they are a total mess. Virginia you did not win this election, you are going down under LIBERALISM.

  5. Deport all the Democrats for not following the constitution

  6. What a big fat lie: no shred of evidence????? I find that disturbing. The host is trying to brainwash the people.

    I think for the host its doing precisely this or do menial jobs.

  7. wow this lady is a Powerhouse! Rip the clowns a new one!👍 intelligence is easy to spot compared to those lefties.


  9. I think Trish meant too say this is the squat at work not the squad at work .

  10. It's going to cost piglosi and schitmer their jobs.

  11. Totally with you Trish Regan!

  12. When they lose this battle just like the Russia hoax they should take all the money out of their pockets not all American people. We’ve had enough of this baloney

  13. Trump is a TRAITOR and Criminal and DICTATOR…..IMPEACH and PROSECUTE TRUMP and PENCE and all involved. All have Committed Treason and Obstruction of Justice.

  14. She is smart and tolerant!

  15. This channel is a joke. 😂 literally.

  16. We have to Ask at those democratas how much will cost

  17. Where are all the human beings gone to. Only answer that can be apply is AI invading our world. And its dangerous as hell that all of our values, cultures, spirits of holiness being replace and divided by handful of evildoers that controls AI. How dare you say America first not the holy God our lord and saviour.

  18. Trump should resign and admit, what everyone knows, that he is a crook. That would save lots of money


  20. Democrats Commie just wants to waist American taxpayer !! Traitors Democrats stop using our taxpayer to pay for useless things you dirty politicians!!

  21. This is the presidents fault. If he wasn't corrupt there would be no need for investigations.

  22. Best money ever spent. The country has to reclaim it's soul from the vandals who have trashed it.

  23. The people need to put all republicans and president trump back in office in both houses
    Maybe we can get something done. Sense the Democrats can't they have put this whole country on hold with all theses investigations on trump lots of lost money and usmca setting on Nancy desk money for all of us
    She don't care can't see past her hatred.

  24. I like Trish Regan cuz shes a character, so dramatic. Great propaganda.

  25. $32mill. would have built a heck of a prison for the demo-douches.

  26. How is it they get a job for $175,000 a year and 4 years later they’re multi millionaires. I’d say get the IRS on them but there part of the swamp as well.

  27. Mueller's staff knew, BEFORE the Mueller investigation, that the dossier was fake and paid for by Hillary. And Mueller utterly ignored the fake dossier and the lies to the FISA court and the wiretapping of Trump.

  28. Every time Trump goes golfing it cost taxpayer money he's racked up a bill of 340 million and counting

  29. This has nothing to do with the squad it's all the crooked cronies Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, Biden, that don't want their lies, theiving and abuses brought to light.

  30. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Peace, Love, and Prosperity for Everyone. God Bless USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. It will cost us 4 years of a Democrat administration, because they ain't getting in after all the crap they pulled.

  32. Cost more than the Cost of Freedom to Americans.

  33. Just a show – while the Governor of Kentucky now become DEMON LEFT !!! That is the COST !!! these idiot Congress not defending the Constitution Enough !

  34. It's great to have Trish back!!!

  35. And still the dems want open borders TRUMP 2020

  36. We want the President to be The President not Nancy or schiff

  37. 😂 fox with the fake outraged…
    Well the voters in Kentucky and Virginia felt different.

  38. Young lady you just made the perfect ad , I wish it could be put on TV so all the world could see. God Bless You

  39. Them dems only want control so they can steal money from the national treasury and leave the country in shambles.

  40. What your not American…look at canadian media…their media ,stabbed in back by bad Goverment that media backed…their Media is being harrassted and jailed…turn around media today..

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