Sunday , January 24 2021
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Trish Regan: Why should Dems run the country when they can’t run a caucus?

FOX Business’ Trish Regan weighs in on the Iowa caucus and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). #FoxBusiness

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  1. Dems will win because idiots vote for them.


  3. Trish you are more beautiful than ever!,

  4. FOX lost a great one here, spineless whimps now control FOX! What is funny as hell is you at FOX are still not accepted by the mainstream. You are literally going to have to go far left for that to happen. I believe that is on its way, then the Washington Post will be your master. Don't worry the internet alternatives will relegate you to utter irrelevancy!!

  5. I like to read comments 🤣🤣🤣

  6. This Family has gone to trash. I feel bad for her children.

  7. Bring Back Trish Regan!!! 💃🚶

  8. Americans protect your vote .Know who is counting your vote.

  9. Isn't there vote fraud in the elections?

  10. D.N.C. Dumbass Negative Crooks!!!!

  11. Fox, you guys SUCK for getting rid of Trish. I loved her show.

  12. Who's idea was it to fire Trish, for speaking the truth? George Soros?

  13. And by the way they're real and they're spectacular!!

  14. This lady did so well in her job interview that she has not had to spend her lunch money since .

  15. 让美国再次伟大Make America Great Again💪💪💪

  16. Bring Trish Back!!! Fired by LEFTIST at FOX NEWS

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