Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Tropical Storm Dorian gains strength in the Atlantic Ocean l ABC News

Tropical storm warnings are in effect as Dorian makes its way across the Caribbean; it could become a category 1 hurricane as it nears Puerto Rico. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2Zrelwd

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  1. Nobody:
    Dorian: mind if I storm a bit?
    Florida:Yea sure, we’re used to this
    Florida:why are u so shook? It’s like u were just born a few days ago!
    Dorian:I was….
    Florida: Oop-

  2. Please no……

    No dorian nooooooooo

  3. Just another day in Florida.

  4. Godspeed all in Dorian path.

  5. I live in southwest Florida.
    (Cape Coral)

    If this path is correct, even a category IT Will likely present obvious water and wind damage on the east coast.

  6. Dont give them 1 cent of Fema money. we dont have to pay them every time they have a storm

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  8. Mother nature is angry again!!

  9. Dorian approaching Puerto Rico? That means Orange Sphincter is now on paper towel watch.

  10. Florida: we just went through this give a DECADE

  11. I would say Florida is pass due a well needed shower.

  12. Flordia woman here and I'm definitely keeping track of this

  13. I still believe that nuclear weapons, missiles test, rocket shoot-up, asteroid, hot balloons, fireworks, ….
    cause eye cyclone.

    It is just my belief, you don't have to believe or agree with me.

    By the way, I believe hurricane Barry slowed down to tropical storm with no tornado was such a miracle.

  14. Time for trump to start warming up . Time to throw some paper towels at people.

  15. This must be due to climate change! Where’s O’Rourke the climate dork when we need him?? We gotta get to the bottom of this!

  16. will Donald Trump nuke this tropical storm?

  17. Ahhh… Real News… finally!

  18. Just rain folks…..little wind…….Trump will give you paper towells ,,relax

  19. it’s nice to see concern and sympathy for puerto rico and florida. but what about the virgin islands? they are smaller, and not as rich. what about st. john? they got hit the worst by irma. the damage still hasn’t been recovered, and nobody’s speaking about it. i pray to god that this doesn’t hit st. john. st. john has always been a special place to me. it’s my second home. it would break my heart to see them get hit again.

  20. Dunno why people don’t take it seriously. Just in the past few years my church has had to go help people in the keys because so many people had their homes ruined and business closed down . So much debris to clean out and throw out, so many lawns full of trash and ruined things and junk and dirt and trees. This stuff is real and just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it’s not or hasn’t happened or won’t . Just be prepared just in case and have a plan 🤷🏻‍♀️ better to be safe than sorry . I’ve laughed it off as much as the next person in the past but seeing the lives of these people changed my perspective…

  21. This is a tropical storm nothing more nothing less.

  22. Why do storms always black and Mexican names ? Just watch, if this turn into a hurricane it will have a black or Mexican name…smh

  23. “Puerto Rico is an island. It’s surrounded by water. Big water. Amazing, tremendous, very strong water…”

  24. What should we do ABC? Be very afraid & give Government full control over our lives?

  25. Well,,,,It is hurricane season …….Shock !

  26. Okay so back in the day this used to never really happen and when it did it was once and then probably years again . Now a days these tornadoes, storms , fires happen every single day

  27. We, need another H.A.A.R.P. Machine, to counter these engineered storms. Counter with counter frequency's 😆😁

  28. Eveyone making fun of the hurricanes name watch durian be like a cat 5 😂😂 tomorrow

  29. florida peeps don’t even seem bothered i see so many jokes lmao

  30. Ohhhh boy another storm for the news to beef up. Here we go guys! By tomorrow it will be “apocalyptic winds and end of times”
    But stay tuned in cause we are always accurate and we are the only reliable weather news network.

  31. If you’re going to give a weather reports why not give a comprehensive report about the storm itself. You’ve literally skip the island like as if they a mere rocks and focused on Puerto Rico. After all you’ve posted it on YouTube. Why not keep it within a closet so only Puerto Rico can see !!

  32. It's just KARMA to payback all the murders….

  33. Where have you been dorian. We been waiting for you in florida😎

  34. Meteorologists: T.S.Dorian could be dangerous and harm lives in Florida what will you do?

    Florida Schools: Yes

  35. If only Trump would build a really tall wall up and down the Atlantic it would stop all this hurricanes. Build it tilted and maybe the hurricanes would travel into space

  36. Hurricane parties here I come!

  37. Why did I get a Trump ad?

  38. Strong enough Blow Donalds combover 2 expose his billions and billions and billions of missing brain cells???

  39. Bro, how do they deal with that $hit on a daily basis? Gosh dayyyum

  40. Maybe we could just drop a nuke on it? Will that let me play golf this weekend?

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