Thursday , December 3 2020
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Trump addresses media on the South Lawn | ABC News

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  1. What a cesspool of demonrats here !! Liptards can’t handle transparency.

  2. presidente Trump espero vea mi mensajito espero en Dios y en usted k mis 2 ninos y su papá tengan sus papales grasias

  3. We won ?? You left and Turkey moved in for the slaughter. You abandoned an allie and allowed Turkey giving them permission to wipe out the Kurds .

  4. Trump stop lying ! You are the most corrupt president and administration ever .

  5. Trump looks like he's going to eat an ass in the thimbnail

  6. Literally making it up as he goes.

  7. Trump can jump……..

    He’s grooming all of you……

  8. ABC-NBC -CBS-CNN Don't matter anymore.

  9. It’s been crazy here. My hubby was two hours late coming home. The protesters were out. We stayed home!

  10. Oh, so the president of Ukraine says the call was perfect, too! So more people, who have absolutely no common sense or knowledge of the law making decisions on the legality of the call. You just don’t think is your main problem.

  11. can somebody explain to me why the hell all the press conferences are next to a dam running helicopter i’m so confused

  12. What about the American women who KILLED a British Boy then Fled home and you will never send her back? Special Relationship My ARSE!!

  13. No one mentioned the bbn picture but Trump. Could you be covering your behind? Everything you say and do is perfect right? You are a criminal, you are the corruption that needs to be weeded out

  14. The so called transcript confirmed everything the whistleblower said

  15. Disgusting and disrespectful that he inhabits the WhiteHouse

  16. What the hell do you think the Ukraines President would say when Trump pressed him. Juliani and Trump are like those two old men in Sesame street

  17. How to contact with Donald Trump ?

  18. "what? who?"
    Your senile dumb ass

  19. benedict donald the chump is a traitor get his tax records the rico act will end the chump

  20. I took a dump an it looked like trump.

  21. 4:50 you can’t hear? That’s weird…

  22. Chopper talk will be his downfall, but man it’s annoying. All screaming, no hearing. Oh and the lies. Lies on top of lies on top of lies. It’s almost impressive a person who can lie this quickly

  23. Trumpet is so good he knows what he is talking about we need to keep trumpet ln our prayers. We do need him another 4 years he will get ln God bless him talk good things adout him and pray for him God is good everybody Just pray for trumpet every day😌🌹

  24. What's that noise in the back ground???

  25. He invites China to investigate again…..??!! This guy really thicker then two short planks

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