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Trump and Biden debate ANTIFA, white supremacy at Presidential Debate | USA TODAY

President Trump and Joe Biden spar over white supremacy, ANTIFA at first debate.
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President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden argue about white supremacy and ANTIFA at the first 2020 presidential debate.

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  1. This is evidence of how much of a traitor Joe is!

  2. I'm for Trump, but Biden did say that Trump's own FBI director said that the Antifa is an idea, not an organization, which Trump did chastised his FBI about the statement on Twitter.

  3. Man both sides of the political spectrum are dumb. Violence and hate is rampant on both sides and the top priority of the new president should be to eradicate this evil.

  4. Biden, Antifa hates you too, you know? I wouldn't call them an "idea".

  5. How many people here are aware that "Antifa is an idea" isn't Biden's belief. He is just quoting an Chris Wray from the FBI. 1:19 "That's what HIS FBI director said"
    Even Trump heard that and responded "Then you know what – he's wrong"
    I've already heard this as a Biden-Quote, so stop spreading this wrongly.

  6. And Isis is a idea not an organization

  7. Antifa is just an idea

    And that's how Joe Biden lost

  8. Trump says he is opposed to ant-fascism. Unfortunately the Republican doctrine is Anti-Facts-ism. Republican Anti-Facts-ism is another name for AMERICAN FASCISM.

  9. Chris is the head, the Dems are the neck.

  10. Antifa isn’t an idea alone. They are groups. I know people in Antifa. They have meetings (I’ve been invited), web pages, message boards, text group chats, flags, pins, patch’s, approves ways to dress so that it hides identity and makes them look alike, and YouTube channels (the list goes on). What the hell? Can the news not do their job? And Biden continues with the lie that it’s just an idea. Why am I not in Antifa? Because with every group that starts out with good ideas and messages they are eventually taken over by radicals and the very same people that are part of the mess. I can say I don’t support racism and fascists without joining a brain washed group. And changing from a brown shirt to a black one isn’t my cup of tea. Also Antifa is funded by the people that causes the mess. Look it up. The media , BLM, Antifa is controlled and/or owned by the same group of people.

  11. I can understand why Trump was frustrated with both of them!

  12. The real antifa comes from ww2, sad that trump called these anarchist kids antifa, he ruined their name

  13. 1:20 when an "idea" has followers who communicate with each other and coordinate strategies, organize security and execute plans to destroy property and harm individuals, it becomes an organization.

  14. Chris Wallace is literally shielding Biden

  15. offset babysongs agent00 cumtown offtheair joltzdude139

  16. Right, because an "idea" is violence, destruction, thievery

  17. So they ask Trump to condemn white supremacy, and he does.

    Then Trump asks Biden to condemn Antifa, and he says, "Antifa is an 'idea' not an organization".

    Media headlines are "Trump refuses to condemn white supremacy"….

  18. The only good commie is a dead commie

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