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Trump breaks his silence after Rush Limbaugh’s death

Former President Trump repeats false election claims as President Joe Biden clarifies his school reopening goals.

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  1. Mr Biden I have said he wants the schools to be open one day per week, I don’t agree that is ridiculous.

  2. From one immoral, racist, brat to another.

  3. Trump and Rush were right. The election was stolen. Biden is not a legitimate president.

  4. God bless your soul Rush Limbaugh. You are deeply missed.

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  6. Introducing Bobby "Rush Limbaugh" Smurda

  7. tRump is really going to miss him. I hope he joins him soon.

  8. INDICT THE TRUMPS (pass it on)

  9. I'm just happy this Right Winger didn't have any kids

  10. We don't want to hear trump's Voice or See him anymore
    Please refrain !

  11. Donald J. Trump DID win the election if only LEGAL votes were counted.

  12. Rush Limbaugh was a talent on loan from God.

  13. There never was a more patriotic President than President Donald J. Trump.

  14. MY 💊 💊 💊 JUNKIE FRIEND.

  15. How about all the Rush fans that read this go give $5 to Tunnels to Towers in Rush's name.

  16. Sadistic/Heartless Republicans make America stink

  17. Sore Loser Trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Shame On Trump 😁😁😁😁😁😁
    Person Woman Man Camera TV and Jail 👌
    Jail is ready to receive you… Grifter!

  18. This election was rigged and there’s proof. The MSM knows it was too.

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