Friday , November 27 2020
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Trump, Chinese Vice Premier detail phases of partial US-China trade deal

President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He participate in a bilateral meeting at the White House.

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  1. Wow 👏 good job! Things are looking hopeful. 📈

  2. About time!!! Ricans for Trump! 2020!!!

  3. Check Mate, Welcome to Pax Sinica

  4. Awesome Job President Trump👍❤️

  5. China cannot be trusted .

  6. I still don't trust the fentanyl pushing, steel dumping, slave driving, populace surveiling, dissident killing, communist chinese party for a GD second. I love Trump, but the chinese are a mortal enemy until a military pact is ratified in front of the whole world.

  7. The only president that really worked for the American people in the last 20 years and he’s not even getting paid to do it.

  8. Remember all food China agrees to purchase will go to China. Their goal is to tie up the food produced in this nation. If a natural disaster happens and food is scarce, the Chinese will not leave the food for the US people.

  9. If Trump is truly a great deal negotiator he claimed to be, why can he get the whole deal done? Not just a piece meal deal ? Just wonder who is the idiot always claiming he can win?

  10. Shoulder pads make me smile.

  11. Where's Hunter?
    That dirty scum.
    This is going to lead to a gold backed system…
    Can't wait to see what phase three is going to be.

  12. China realized democrats don’t have a chance

  13. "a whole deal, or no deal" I kinda remember it from him no long ago, so a partial deal now? look like neither side can afford to take a loss, except for the capital market investors.

  14. The president cannot read mandarin.

  15. Did the "Master of the Deal" just say that the Chinese are "Tuff negotiators" and loose the deal the country and the world have been waiting for? WEAK

  16. I'm sure a lot of farmers would like to buy some land but they went bankrupt in the run up to this shitty deal. What ever the president was bragging about didnt sound like Winning, didnt keep all those farmers from going out of going bankrupt. Who the f is this guy that interrupted the presidents babbling? The president is losing control. All of those numbers sound as fuzzy as the presidents hair. How is 4, 5 , 6 months very soon? That sounds like a bunch of more bankruptcies to me. All those coal miners are toast. Prove me wrong.

  17. Very good and positive for USA and China.

  18. News flash: Democrats taking record amount of mind-altering drugs.

  19. hope it's not anthoter joke

  20. Love the Chinese People, they love Trump

  21. Aka a nothing burger brought to you by the "greatest negotiator" he claims😂😂

  22. Hurry up and get out there we need a third whistleblower now. This is horrible news. HA HA Demoshits. Trump will never be impeached, get over it losers.

  23. Now we're going to be MORE intertwined financially?! The global financial sector is already over grown!

  24. And what are the democrats doing? Bottom feeding.

  25. Elizabeth Warren scares the shh out of ccp I guess :))


  27. Where's HUNTER?
    TRUMP 2020

  28. Trump is guaranteeing 50 billion in trade from China based on a deal that does not yet exist. At the moment he has nothing. Nothing in writing. Nothing signed. Nothing.
    This sounds very much like a repeat of North Korea. A plethora of promises and pledges that ended up going nowhere. He talked about phase one and two with Korea also but we ended up with zero phases.

  29. Trump’s election has revealed that the swamp is real! the greatest shame for those who have long been in power, position and politics is when an outsider a non-politician comes and really does what he says. Such shame leads to resentment and jealousy. The democrats will try every trick in the book to impeach Trump and prevent his re-election. Powerful figures behind the scenes work in utmost secrecy to bring Trump down. Trump’s 2016 was, is and will always be a bitter aftertaste for the dems. But 2020 will be even more sour for them

  30. Afraid of DF Missiles huh?

  31. How will farmers grow when weather manipulation prevents this by flooding and freezing?

  32. Support trump. Take your time, step by step to bring down ccp.

  33. The Gold Tie is a Good Sign $$$

  34. my respect to persident XI and TRUMP.

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