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Trump Claims Tariffs On China Haven't 'Cost Our Consumer Anything' | NBC News

President Trump defended his new tariffs against Chinese goods, claiming they would not negatively impact the American economy. “Frankly, it hasn’t cost our consumer anything, it costs China,” the president claimed.
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Trump Claims Tariffs On China Haven’t ‘Cost Our Consumer Anything’ | NBC News


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  1. President trump should just call out the Democratic Party for what it is and that is a International socialist global Chinese party that sets the ptecident for preference for trade for themselves

  2. And he was there with the first responders on 9/11. I can't wait until the farmers lose their farms.

  3. Send Moscow Mitch to China he’ll make a deal! Blame it on corporations who took manufacturing out of US.

  4. I find it fascinating when tariffs come up that Democrats complain that consumers will end up paying the tariffs, but Democrats NEVER make that same association with corporate taxes.

  5. United States only has one president.

  6. "we've rebuilt China"…….oh my!

  7. Trump can be the leader of those violet Hk youths, turning black to white.

  8. I'm not going to try and educate a pervert voter. I'm only going to step over them.

  9. Taxed China and it costs China ?…. no, the American consumers eat it.

  10. China doesn't seem to be sweating your BS tariffs!

  11. I'm not sure he realizes how much food has gone up and clothes… I use to buy my nikes for 50$ now there 76$ for the same pair.. Our house hold grocery bill was $125 a week now its $190 a week and we get a lot less and more generic brands now..I know he is doing his best…but the prices have gone up on pretty much everything..

  12. It’s costing farmers I know farmers who have lost billions a year since he came President. It is costing Americans here’s why:

    Why are you so blind to see that Trump doesn’t care about the Americans here in the United States he doesn’t do nothing to protect American Jobs these tariffs don’t help the United States.

    The tariffs that Trump has hit on China hasn’t done anything good here in the United States. What most people don’t realize is that Trump has a lot of businesses over in China and every time he hits China with tariffs his businesses over in China make millions and billions over in China and doing nothing to help the United States here. He even put tariffs on Canada. Where do you think 90% of our lumber in the United States come from: you guessed it Canada. Since Trump put tariffs on Canada the United States now has to pay Canada a lot more money to purchase lumber and the price has gone up almost 90 to 95% more than the United States was paying Canada. and doing that doesn’t help the United States either all that does is make homes in the United States more expensive for example if you are buying a home in the United States that costs $150,000 the price is now $350,000 to $450,000, or a home that costs $600,000 that price is now between 800,000 to 1,000,000 for that home. See the United States is paying Canada more for lumber and that is money that the United States doesn’t have all the tariffs are doing are putting the United States in more debt.

  13. My personal thought would be to put tariff's at level, so that would level out consumer prices in the US. I believe that because of USA's standards of: environment health (low impact to the environment) and competitive labor (higher wages) costs a lot more then just if a country's is in recession (so China is who companies in the USA need to be dealing right now for higher profit margins), to balance out so we can build and compete on global scale, but even if the company's choice not to compete globally, the employee's would still have job's to go to at supportive wages.

  14. Trump is a moron. Who pays for the tariffs? Duh. Anybody that buys anything from China from Wlamart.

  15. How about all the US investment in China?

  16. More B$ comes out of Trump's mouth than out of bull's a$$.

  17. INEZ Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise.

  18. How can he just lie like that? China doesnt pay anything? The US importers do! Unbelieveable. He knows typical Americans are economically illiterate and will believe it.

  19. Zillions of dollars will be coming in from China from the new tariffs, and some going to help the farmers who are doing great from all the benefits, tariffs work great.
    People will believe him, and that is true.

    Meanwhile back in the real world america braces itself for recession.

  20. If it's not hurting farmers, why are we sending them welfare checks? I love the way donny redefines reality and his supporters believe him without question.

  21. those billions of dollars trump is claiming that his tariffs create to offset a balance of trade? they aren't being paid by china. china pays absolutely nothing if they sell goods to the U.S. the tariffs are paid by the importers, and they are U.S. citizens. just another trump big fat stinking pile of you know what. when asked the simple question of who writes the check for the tariffs, the 'base' (a good name for a bunch of racist, belligerent, dim-witted fools) will immediately change the subject.

  22. Trump: "Baa Ram Ewe"
    People: "We ain't sheep!"

  23. Economics ignoramus. Serial bankruptcy thief.

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