Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Trump defends decision to pull troops out of Syria

Washington Examiner chief political correspondent and FOX News contributor Byron York discuss President Trump, Syria, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy and more.

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  1. Trump, his administration and his republican party have blood on their hands and god help the U.S. if we are ever invaded… our standing around the world and in this country is in shambles!

  2. Also to these deaf and dumb noneducated trump supporters, YES it is our responsibilty to help them, they helped us stop ISIS and we promised to support and protect them. Three times we have lied to them, starting with bush. So pipe down and listen to your fake news channel here, so you can be made more stupid than you already are, EVEN house repubs say he is wrong. OPEN YOU FKN EARS!!!

  3. Melinda, you are as ignorant as the day is long, and have no education at all on politics as most of trumps followers. It is ok to release 10,000 ISIS soldiers? Thats exactly what trump has done, you support that? If so, you will go down with your leader, even the smart reps are pulling back their support, lololol But for trumps actions, we will be at world war soon, keep talking up your azz now!!!

  4. It's crazy how people worship actors in America.

  5. The USA should leave the Kurds one nuclear weapon as a consolation prize.

  6. If the nomination goes to Warren it guarantees Trump's re-election. Democrats know it and are in a terrible bind. They have no one to effectively run against Trump.

  7. Excellent Job Mr President!

  8. Kurds are dying as we speak..we went back on our word..I dare anyone to do some research on what the Kurds have done for us and see how unfair this is…but ok…

  9. I guess y’all can justify any dumbass behavior. Did you listen to what he said. It had nothing to do with our troops

  10. We have enough issues here in the USA. We need to fix that instead of worrying what is going on in Syria.

  11. he said "IF" i were on a call with Syria it would be leaked out that's why it was sent to a secure server because of all the leaks

  12. Warren's putting Government in charge of economic development is Socialism at it's strongest. And, the end of the Age of the Individual. It is the begining of a Government Plantationism.


  14. We need to see what warren thinks about this?

  15. Obama got us in, we elected Trump to get us out. Suck it up snowflakes.

  16. All the president is miss spoke he also mixed up china and Ukraine when talking about biden no one is perfect even if we try. I m a grown man I always loose my car keys every day

  17. The Kurds, who were an ally of the United States, are being left to die because Trump selfishly pulled the troops out. Why is Fox's viewer base so dumb?

  18. i am tired of pissing tax payer money on an area that doesnt appreciate a darn thing we do….get out of the middle east-and let the Euros and Saudis keep the peace—-further more, those politicians who think we should stay—put on a uniform, pick up a gun and have a go at it–

  19. Trump 2020, the first anti-war president

  20. Elizabeth Warren has serious mental problems! She is a serial liar she cannot tell the truth!!

  21. Look these people in the Middle East have been killing each other thousands of years. why should Americans stick themselves in the middle of this mess. Trump was right to pull out before another American is killed.”

  22. Ending the endless wars and being the world police department is one thing he ran on. I for one am tired of funding the entire worlds police force with our tax money that we don't have, and more importantly American lives. The rest of the world needs to step up and handle their own problems. If the "UN" wants to enforce their ridiculous sanctions then the UN needs to send their own people. We've been in perpetual war for decades and it's breaking us financially and killing too many of our people.

  23. Trump is doing the right thing. I'm also fully with the president when it comes to devastating Turkey's economy and kicking them out of NATO if Erdogan makes one more threat to Syrian Kurds and or Europe.

  24. Never ending wars should stop!

  25. Have you no shame.

    Even trashing military families, again. Wow

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